Reveal – Mahalia As Our Reverse Cover Of FAULT Magazine


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Words By Rachel Sanguinetti


With sound that can be described as a combination of acoustic R&B and Neo-Soul, Mahalia captured the heart of the nation with her distinctive vocal styling.  Originally from Leicestershire, the songstress launched into the music industry at just 13 years old signing to Atlantic records.

After taking the decision to move to London, it was the live performance of her single ‘Sober’ back in 2017 on German Channel Colours that placed Mahalia on many people’s radar, propelling the singer’s career to even higher heights. The singer has organically garnered the support of the masses by exploring the ups and downs of love in her refreshingly transparent lyrics, with a total of 2.4 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Having since toured with Ella Mai and collaborated with the likes of Little Simz and Kojey Radical the R&B singer-songwriter has cemented her position as one of the staples of British music. In addition to being a nominee for this year’s Brits Critics’ Choice award, Mahalia earned coveted number one spot on YouTube’s inaugural “Ones To Watch” list.

Following the release of 3 EPs, an album and role in the film Brotherhood, the 21 year old singer now turns her attention to album number two entitled ‘Love and Compromise’, speaking to Fault magazine on her upbringing, inspirations and new music ahead of her European tour.


Having been signed since 13 what are the three most important lessons you’ve learned being in the industry?

The first lesson was to trust myself more than anybody else. I found it really difficult to let go of all of my insecurities – that stunted me for a long time. The second lesson I learnt was how to leave my problems at the door. I’m someone who enjoys being open and honest most of the time. But, sometimes, things just aren’t meant for the stage and I had to learn how to switch everything on even if I was slightly off balance that day. The final and most important lesson was to never compare myself to anybody else. I’m still working on this one, ha!


 Do you think your upbringing influenced the music you’ve written at all?

Definitely! I’ve had so many of my best life experiences with my family. I feel like I’ve seen it all with them – my brothers and my parents. I learnt so much from my mum when I was growing up. She used to help me write so many of my songs that I think her tone and her words are all inside me now. I feel like she speaks through a lot of my music. My dad used to write with me a lot. Musically and lyrically. He influenced me a lot growing up. They both played such a monumental part in the person I am today.

What’s kept you inspired thus far?

Everything! I get inspired by everything around me. The boys in my life have definitely kept me inspired. All the feelings. The stories. The heartbreak. It’s all in my songs. But, also, just people. I’m extremely susceptible to people’s emotions and feelings around me. Humans inspire me. 


What can we expect from ‘Love And Compromise’?

I guess, more of me… I feel like my debut album is like a diary of a 21-year-old girl. It’s all of my thoughts and feelings in the form of song. I’m excited to see how people take it. Sonically, it’s a new and exciting place for me! More honesty, more true stories, more love and more heartbreak! 


Which song from the album are you most looking forward to putting out?

I have a song on there called ‘Karma’. I’ve been looking forward to putting this one out since I wrote it. It is just so ‘me’, ha… whatever that means! It’s heartbreaking but strong and sonically in a place where I always wanted to go. I love the story behind it, too. 


 Finally, Mahalia, What is your fault?         

My stubbornness. Though it carries me through a lot of situations, sometimes it lets me down. Being stubborn can be such a fantastic trait but, I feel that it is still holding me back in certain areas of my life.