IngaSez Brand celebrates its 4 year anniversary and the birth of the Brooklyn Icon Collection

Inga Murray became interested in global fashion and glamour in her early childhood. Her luxury brand (founded in 2015) specializes in custom couture and launched its first collection, ‘Solstice By Inga’ (a swimsuit line), at the Couture Fashion Show in New York in September 2017. The brand eventually evolved, leading to the development of her distinctive Men’s T-shirt collection: Brooklyn Icons by IngaSez.


Brooklyn Icons by IngaSez Fashion has been described as “upscale urban style wear that represents icons – whether you are a celebrity in your own right or just a well-known individual showcasing your inner celebrity”. IngaSez’s designer studio stone collection – the ‘Icon Stone’ collection – is made out of high quality, lightweight fabric with semi-precious gems inlaid to reflect the brand’s logo and signature style. Designer and founder Inga Murray says of the collection: “We simply create our concepts and promote them with the latest trends.”

The IngaSez label has been worn by celebrities ranging from boxer Zab Judah, to actor Donald Faison, producer Kyron Hodges, rapper Tekomin Benjamin Williams (aka Smif n Wessun) and many more.

“The plan that we would like to execute,” Inga states, “is to be recognized as a unisex prestigious urbanwear brand which is highly rated by global celebrities. We are planning to have multiple collections that will enable us to fit right in as a household name among world-leading brands. In other words, we are aiming for nothing less than luxury fashion at your fingertips.

“Our studio collections currently offer t-shirts for men, women, and children. Look out for the kick-off of our forthcoming Fall and Summer 2020 urbanwear collections, which will include joggers, sweaters, sweatsuits, and spandex wear for women and men.”



There are lots of surprises in store for IngaSez Fashion, which is currently preparing for its third runway show at the Art Hearts Fashion Show. This latest landmark event will see the label exclusively unveil its new 2020 collection.

“We currently have three t-shirt collections, which includes our basic ‘Signature’ collection, our glitter with outline ‘Icon’ collection, and our ‘Icon Stone’ collection with no outline. We are heavily inspired by the aim of assigning a non-profit charity to each T-shirt collection sold, which is a key part of our marketing campaign.”

Asked to sum up her vision for the evolution of the IngaSez label, Inga declares, “It’s not just a brand – it’s a movement.”

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Photography by Rcat Media and Cristina Parovel