Brooklyn R&B singer IYVES is paving her own way

IYVES (born Hannah Taxman) is a Brooklyn based artist challenging the boundaries of traditional R&B music, injecting flavors of electro-pop and other genres she’s picked up throughout her life. IYVES grew up surrounded by the mountains and majestic wilderness of Boulder, Colorado, which in turn inspired her namesake. Like the wild ivy plant that’s able to flourish in harsh environments, IYVES hopes her music can withstand the elements and transcend the norm.

Now based in New York City, IYVES has expanded on her creative pursuits, allowing her curiosities to take her into photography and visual art. Her burgeoning passion for these other forms of media has helped her fully realize her musical project through self-directed music videos to create a more holistic vision for IYVES.

Today she shares her new single “My Way.” The track is an infectious slice of electro-pop that highlights IYVES’ powerhouse vocals and was written about “loving your authentic self in every form.”

“I wrote it in a time when the music industry was getting me down and I felt defeated by all there is to work through to be heard and get opportunities,” IYVES tells us in an email. “I have come across people who are very quick to tell me what I should do but, then never show up when it comes down to it. This song is all about owning and loving who you are and pushing out any self-doubt or toxic things that just bring us down.”

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