Weekly Playlist: The Driver Era

Actors with band side projects isn’t a new trend, take Zoë Kravitz’s Lolawolf, Dylan Minnette’s The Wallows, or Finn Wolfhard’s Calpurnia for instance, and why not seek the full measure of your creative pursuits? There’s a long-standing idea for entertainers to be a “triple threat” or the allure of membership in the exclusive EGOT winner’s circle (Academy, Emmy, Grammy and Tony), so it’s perhaps partially expected for any actor to dabble in music. Recently we’ve come across the musical project of Ross Lynch called The Driver Era. You may be familiar with Lynch’s work in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix where he plays Harvey Kinkle, the titular character’s mortal boyfriend.

Formed with his brother Rocky Lynch, The Driver Era officially launched in 2018 the release of their debut single “Preacher Man,” an anthemic alt-rock tune. Just last month the pair shared their debut 10-track album “X” to over 10 million Spotify streams and they’ve done it all independently to ensure they retain full rights to their music. A true testament to the current state of the music industry and to the strength of their material.

We asked them to put together a playlist of songs that inspired their record. Check it out below.

Simple Creatures – Special

They asked us to tour with them but we couldn’t cuz of Ross’ filming schedule so thought I’d show some love. Also dig the song. I like what they’re doing right now.

Tyler, The Creator – Running Out Of Time

There’s very few artists that are actually able to make every aspect of a song (Lyrics, Melody, Beat, Sing it/rap it) without having more people in the room helping them do such things. Most artists work with a bunch of different producers and top liners. And then you have DJs/Producers having people come in and topline on their tracks. It’s rare when someone does it all, Tyler is someone who can. Mad props to this creative. He’ll continue to release great art because of how self sufficient he is.

The Driver Era – Scared of Heights

This track I started while Ross was in Vancouver. Once he wrapped part 2 of Sabrina he came back to LA and we started writing immediately. He opened up this session randomly, we both liked the feeling it was giving us so we got started on lyrics and melody. Finished this one rather quickly which is always nice when a song does that for you.

Calvin Harris – Love Souvenir

Calvin is another guy that is able to create every aspect of a song (including mixing it which isn’t common). This is one of his older tracks that he made in his bedroom in ’07 but still slaps today.

John Lennon – Jealous Guy

I recently watched a documentary called “John and Yoko Above Us Only Sky” So I thought it was fitting to throw in a song from John and Yoko.

Pharrell Williams – Hunter

He’s written and produced songs dating all the way back to 2000. From Gwen Stefani to Britney Spears’ hits and he’s still doing it at a very high level (Ariana Grande, N.E.R.D.) Big fan.

Milk Shop – Christian Leave

This song is dope. I like what he’s been putting out recently. Has a bright future.

Perfume Genius – Other Side

Saw his set at Coachella a couple years back (I couldn’t sound more LA) anyway this song came up in a trailer for a movie coming out very soon.

For more music from The Driver Era, head over to Spotify.
Photo Credit: Anna Lee