Introducing Nina Chuba

“I like chill showers in the summer,” 20-year-old Berlin native Nina Chuba sings on her debut single “My Time.” In this current heatwave that’s overrun Europe, we can definitely get on board with that. Currently calling Hamburg, Germany her home, Nina got her start in the entertainment industry at the tender age of eight when she was a child actress in a TV show. It was through this experience that Nina discovered her passion for music and the piano.

Twelve years and an awkward adolescence later, Nina is fully diving into her artist project and will release her debut EP later this year. Today she shares another cut from the forthcoming record called “White Shirt,” which highlights her soulful voice and comes in swinging with a body-shaking bass beat.

Nina tells us over email about the inspiration for “White Shirt”: “Songwriting really helps me find closure emotionally. ‘White Shirt’ is a message to myself to finally cut off toxic friendships. I was holding on to some people around me, just because I was used to being friends with them and really wanted it to work out but if a friend can ?t be happy for you, then it ?s not a good one. If a friend doesn’t support you, they’re not a real one either. ‘White Shirt’ is as a reminder not to become close with those people again.”

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