Finding Unique And Personalised Fashion On the Street 

The latest elaborate haute couture designs have recently been revealed on the runways in Paris. But away from the designer collections, the streets host a more understated fashion show that offers up an equally stylish but more wearable display. Of course, couture and other iconic fashion trends influence everyday clothing, but true fashionistas mix these trends with their own style. On the streets where real fashion is found, a closer look reveals customization and personal touches that makes an easygoing outfit both stylish and unique.

Photo by Samantha Qeja on Unsplash

The Revival Of Streetwear

High fashion has taken another step down off the catwalk as it embraces classic, casual streetwear. Streetwear designers are being taken on by top fashion houses, where they are working to keep up with the style of American teenagers. Here they create the relaxed clothing that young people want to wear, but with a designer touch that adds value and interest. From a quintessential printed T-shirt to sweatpants and hoodies, this is an easy look to replicate, and the extra interest can also be added with a little customization. With a simple but unique design and affordable and uncomplicated heat press equipment, it’s no longer a challenge to create professional and distinctive clothing that will stand out on the street.


Unique And Unusual Designs

Tie Dye is one of this summer’s biggest trends, and for anyone wanting one-off pieces to add to their wardrobe, it offers the ultimate in unique and unusual design. Largely associated with the hippy style of the 70s, as a design style in fashion it has stood the test of time, and regularly reemerges on the catwalk. An element of its popularity is that it can be so easily recreated at home. Any item of clothing in plain, white cotton can be instantly transformed by tying it in knots and dipping it in dye. The unpredictable result means it fits well with laid-back street style, adding a touch of casual color to denim and dark hoodies.


Making It Personal

In Denver, a new idea for a pop up fuses fashion with street art in order to create unique pieces. Shoppers buy a pair of shoes or a jacket from the store, and then ask a local street artist to customize the item using spray paint or markers. For a less ambitious design project, customizing clothes with a low-key monogram can still be a very effective way to make them stand out. As one in five consumers buys personalized clothing, it’s obviously very popular as a way to add a subtle, individual touch. Whether a motif is added professionally or embellishments sewn on at home, the result is a special piece of clothing that better represents the personality of the wearer.

Haute couture and highly stylised iconic trends are great for inspiring fashion, and their influence is widely acknowledged. However, it is on the streets where real, everyday fashion is found, and with creative customization, even understated streetwear can be stylish and stand out from the ordinary.