Weekly Playlist: RAPHAELLA

Singer, songwriter and producer Raphaella shares her first release of 2019 in the form of “Happy.” The song follows the success of her 2018 “IMAGINE” EP, and sees the left-field pop sizzler going for an edgier appeal as she croons about trying to be happy for a past lover moving on when really, you’re absolutely not ready for that.

Speaking on the sentiments of “Happy”, Raphaella elaborates: “Happy is about that moment when your ex tells you they’ve met someone new and you have to pretend you’re happy for them when deep down you can just feel your heart drop. I was on the phone and literally remember having to force a fake smile just to get to the end of the conversation in one piece. I think sometimes we have to literally fake it till we make it, and will ourselves to be happy until we actually are.”

We asked Raphaella to share a playlist of what she’s listening to now and the songs not only span the genre spectrum, but also includes some favorites of ours like James Blake and Cautious Clay. Take a listen below.

Max Richter – Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons: Spring 1

Actually classical and non vocal music inspires me so much. My first instrument I learned as a kid was classical violin and then classical piano and grew up playing in orchestras, and this always subconsciously influences my productions. I listen to this on the tube on the way into the studio and literally cry (the tube is full ha). It reminds me of why I love music and that the ultimate goal is to create something that speaks without words – it’s like this intangible magic that gets to your soul.

Elderbrook – Talking

I love how Elderbrook mixes super moody and actually quite soulful vocals with this really cool dark electronic synthscape, whilst also making you want to dance.

James Blake & Bon Iver – Forest Fire

I love it when you find gems like this on albums. These are two of my absolute favourite artists so I was so happy when I saw this collaboration on James Blake’s album. I love the way these two artists create hooks from a mood and layers rather than a traditional ‘hook’

James Blake – Digital Lion

I could literally put song 1-10 of this playlist as all James Blake songs haha. Like a good book, year after year I keep going back to his songs and each time I find something new in them, and acquire a new favourite. At the moment it’s Digital Lion -the production is just absolutely genius. James Blake is an artist that inspires me to approach every song with no rules, just feelings.

Logic feat. Eminem – Homicide

I was so excited when I saw these two had collaborated. Hip hop and rap inspires me so much, I don’t think there’s another genre that hits me as hard rhythmically and lyrically- and this track hits *hard*. Also Eminem’s satirical freestyle at the end is absolutely hilarious.

NAO – Another Lifetime

I adore NAO. Funnily this song came out a month after my track ‘Imagine’, with almost exactly the same lyrical premise, so I immediately connected with it because it’s so close to what I’ve been through myself. I love the contract-release element so much of her music has, it really allows you to just sink into the music.

Hazlett – Never Gonna Give You Up

I get so inspired by my awesome friends. Mitch played this to me a while back and I immediately loved it. I think it’s so telling when an artist can do a cover so absolutely individually that it makes you forget the original. The post hook ‘ooh’ is so good.

Cautious Clay – Cold War

I love the verse melodies in this and the sparse synths/bass with such a grove gets me every time. Brass synths, fx harmony stacks and warm/clean percussion are my kryptonite.

Stormzy feat. MNEK – Blinded By Your Grace, Pt.2

Growing up in London and also being an independent artist, Stormzy has been such an important influence on my music and my attitude to taking control of my own label and destiny. I’m a really spiritual person and grew up singing in gospel choirs, so I love the mix of Grime and gospel music. This song chills me out when I need some space to reflect.

Bon Iver – Re:Stacks

There are some songs that are there for you in your darkest and worst days. They bring you to tears, let your soul feel every emotion in the world it needs to and without words tell you that it will all be okay, all in three minutes. This song got me through my Grandad’s illness 11 years ago, and is still there for me today.

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