Weekly Playlist: KAYTA

Montreal-based singer/songwriter KAYTA blends hip-hop grit, R&B groove, and dream-pop to create an instantly infectious sound that will linger in your head for hours after listening. The half Chilean half Slovakian songstress’ new single “TY” is no exception. Released with an accompanying music video, “TY” supports the empowering themes of KAYTA’s previous singles; “TY” touches on cutting off toxic relationships and focusing on the ones that matter most as she proclaims “stay in your lane, cause I’m building on my strengths”.

To celebrate the release of “TY,” we asked KAYTA to put together a playlist of songs that inspire her music. Check out KAYTA’s “SEXY, HOT SUMMER” picks below.

H.E.R. – Could’ve Been ft. Bryson Tiller

I mean do I need to say more? H.E.R. has one of the sexiest voices out there. Please dance to this song. Please listen to this song. Take a huge gulp of the R&B juice because H.E.R. and Bryson Tiller are SERVING IT. In a more serious note, this particular song is so inspiring to me. I just love the flow and it really puts me in a relaxed mood.

WizKid – Fever

Wow. This song is just so vibey. The moment I listen to Fever, my butt starts to move by itself. His flow is amazing, the beat is amazing and it’s just everything I need for this summer. What is hotter than boiling water? DANCEHALL BABY.

The Internet – Girl ft. KAYTRANADA

This song is a classic to me. It’s so gentle but yet straight forward. Did I mention that I love to dance? Yes! It brings me so much joy and if the beat makes me dance it’s a win-win situation. If the lyrics are beautiful, it’s a win-WIN-win situation. Also, I love the fact that it’s featuring KAYTRANADA. Hello queer family, I love our music! <3

Lizzo – Juice

This. Song. Brings. Me. Life. It’s fierce, it’s JUICY, it’s sexy and it’s empowering. “If I’m shinin’, everybody gonna shine.” Yes, Lizzo. This is why you are successful, you understand the key to life! There is a place for everybody to shine in life. Thank you for being you.

Herbie Hancock – Come Running To Me

What a man! Herbie Hancock inspires me a lot. In his music but also in his way of seeing life. He is a very spiritual person and I love that about him. I chose to add this song on the list because it has an amazing groove to it and I like to listen to his album Sunlight when I’m cooking, driving or cleaning. The whole album should be in the SEXY, HOT SUMMER playlist.


Here is my shameless plug. GUILTY! (Not really) Come on! The title says “DRESS LATER”, it doesn’t get more summer vibe than that. It’s also an empowering R&B song that talks about how we should do more of what makes us happy. Let’s have a stress free and anxiety free summer. Much love!

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