Weekly Playlist: Ingrid Michaelson

Season 3 of the Netflix hit series Stranger Things debuts next month and it seems only fitting that singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson is back and paying homage to the show with her forthcoming album, “Stranger Songs.” The album is a collection of ‘80s tinged synth-pop anthems that will be released on June 28th and so far, Michaelson has shared the lead single “Missing You.” The track is inspired by the Nancy / Jonathan / Steve love triangle, and has already exceeded a million streams. Not bad for Michaelson or the Stranger Things fan nation!

And that momentum continues with the percolating beats and immediate hook of the new single “Jealous,” which was co-written with Casey Smith (Jonas Brothers), Jason Evigan (Maroon 5), Cook Classics (Beyonce) and Gian Stone. It’s a snapshot of the moment Eleven uses her supernatural powers to trip a girl who’s talking to Mike, the object of her affections.

“She immediately feels bad because that’s not who she is,” says Ingrid. “That’s an interesting concept: I do bad things when I’m jealous.”

The idea for “Stranger Songs” first emerged in 2017 when Ingrid wrote “Christmas Lights,” a poem based upon the relationship between Joyce Byers and her son Will. That poem evolved into a song, and instigated a period of creativity in which Ingrid wrote and recorded the album between November 2017 and spring of this year in Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Nashville. It also empowered her to break new ground, embracing a contemporary sound that’s infused with an Eighties spirit.

On the album, Michaelson collaborated with writers and producers including Alex Hope (Carly Rae Jepson, Marina), Sarah Aarons (Khalid, Mabel), Jason Evigan (Madonna, Bebe Rexha), Katie Herzig, Cason Cooley and Sam de Jong.

We asked Michaelson to put together a playlist of some songs that inspired her upcoming album and it includes some of our personal favorites like Lizzo and Sigrid. From Michaelson’s playlist we also learned a fun fact – she’s known Lennon Stella since she was SEVEN. Take a listen below and be sure to catch Michaelson on her North American tour that kicks off this September. Tickets are available at https://www.ingridmichaelson.com/.

Lizzo – Juice

Windows down in the car or blasting on TM headphones on the subway, this song makes me feel good about myself.

Sigrid – Sucker Punch

I’m into Swedish writers. They always have these crazy hooks. Doesn’t hurt that I’m half Swedish!

Labrinth – Miracle

I love this song so much. I haven’t stopped listening since it came out. It’s just so inspiring.

Jamie Cullum – Life Is Grey

Turn on this song and lay down and just let yourself get washed away in the lyrics.

Julia Michaels – Anxiety

I feel less alone when I listen to this song. She sings about what we all feel.

Billie Eilish – Bad Guy

I’m obsessed with her like everyone else in the world! The production and lyrics of this song are just so perfect.

Lennon Stella – Bitch

I love the word play in this song. I’ve also known her since she was 7 so I’m in awe of her growth as a human.

Janelle Monae- Make Me Feel

this is a bit older than the other songs but it’s still my number one “pump me up” song. I can’t not feel good when I listen to it.

For more Ingrid Michaelson music, head over to Spotify.