What to Wear Fashionwise in Vegas?

So, you’ve finally decided to visit the world’s most famous gambling destination? Las Vegas is easy to enjoy, but there are several things you need to know before your trip.

For instance, you need to get dressed for the occasion if you want the full experience. To make it truly special, we’ve got some suggestions on the current fashion trends in the famous hub of gambling.

It’s because you aren’t just going to play some casino games. If that was all, you could play the best mobile slots online instead and get a better experience.

No, Vegas is also about sightseeing, dining at the best restaurants in the world and enjoying your life in new ways which aren’t attainable every day. So, you ought to choose what you wear accordingly.

What to Wear in Vegas?

Below, you’ll find our tips for various occasions that might come up during your vacation in the sin city.

Fashion in Casino Halls

Speaking of casinos, most of them don’t have strict dress codes. There are many options here, including evening gowns, short dresses, skirts and stylish but casual wear.

You may also choose flamboyant designs, though we suggest avoiding thin-layered dresses. Casino halls in Vegas have constant air conditioning and are usually cool, so you’ll want a dress that looks good with a matching jacket.

Entertainment, Nights Out & Dining Wear

Similar rules apply to locations like restaurants, art galleries and concert venues. Evening dresses are your best bet.

It’s alright to choose colours that stand out and designs that captivate. Don’t go over the board with extravagant choices, though, and remember what suits you best. Skirts are also an option and high heels will always adorn an elegant outfit.

Speaking of night clubs, choose a comfy dress, skirt or a blouse. That’s also a great occasion to explore current trends in clothing fashion in the city. This includes the 80s and 90s styles as well as animal print and western designs.

Cher’s look might be a bit too bold for a night at the tables…

Pool Fashion in Las Vegas

Just take your boldest swimsuit and combine it with a cover-up that makes you feel good. Don’t forget your slippers or sandals, sunglasses and a hat.

The most important thing is to make them all feel harmonious. If every single piece you have looks random, you’ve made the worst mistakes you can make by the poolside.

Fashionable & Comfortable

With all that in mind, it’s important to remember comfort. Fashion is a must for a perfect evening on the Strip but you won’t be wearing red gowns everywhere you go.

Hence, it’s crucial to take several outfits with you, preferably including pieces that can be combined on different occasions.

Make sure to take sneakers too, especially if you’ll want to walk around the Strip on foot. Warm clothing can also be a lifesaver. Las Vegas may be in the middle of the desert, but it doesn’t mean that it never gets cold there.

On the contrary, the nights can get pretty cold due to a very arid climate. In winter, the temperatures can also fall to 5° Celsius, so you better be ready for that.

Luckily, if you aren’t ready, there are always shopping malls in the city. There, you can find clothes that are both practical and fashionable.