Weekly Playlist: Cella

20-year-old Zurich based, Swiss producer Cella is solidifying himself as a global act to watch. Born Lukas Schnider, Cella was raised juggling the violin and racing semi-pro BMX and it was 2011 when Cella decided to devote himself fully to music.With an acute attention to the technicalities of electronic production, Cella’s sound is a marriage between concept and craftsmanship – a take on digital production that has sparked Cella’s innovation and legacy as a producer.

Recently Cella shared a new single “Tell Me,” a lok at his forthcoming 6-track EP “Opportunity Cost” due this Friday, May 17 via Quartz Records and Universal Music.

We asked Cella to share some of his current favorite tracks with us including cuts from some of our personal favorites like Flight Facilities and Mr. Carmack. Listen in below.

Vasser – Little Things

Vasser finds an absolutely beautiful mix between Pop and Electronic music. I fell in love with his Songwriting and Sound design, the second I heard this song.

Buddy – Shine

The Hook is what gets me! I also love the sample in the background of the Beat. Probably one of my favorite Rap Song of all time.

Steve Reich – Octet

This is the song I’ve listened to the most, according to my Spotify stats. For some, it might seem nervous and all over the place, but I think this is a breathtaking composition. I absolutely love the Harmonies.

Mac Demarco – Let Her Go

I like Mac’s songs because his songwriting is really simple and traditional, but gorgeous nevertheless. This being my favorite one of his.

Mr. Carmack – Go Get Her (feat. Jordan Rakei & Tom Misch)

Mr. Carmack and Tom Misch combined sounds like perfection to me. Just the right mix between acoustic and digital elements. That switch between 1:55 and 2:05 gets me every time!

Vaults – Losing Game

This Song helped me through some bad times in the last few years.

Flight Facilities – Arty Boy with Emma Louise (Tennyson Remix)

I usually don’t listen to quirky happy songs. But this one is so much fun I love it. The production quality is on another level.

Kendrick Lamar – Mortal Man

I guess this song speaks for itself. Perfect beat, perfect story, perfect performance. I wish I could work with Kendrick one day.

For more Cella music, head on over to Spotify.