Kean Farrar is on a roll

Get involved with the R&B electro sounds of Kean Farrar. The 20-year-old Persian singer/songwriter was born and raised in the eclectic music city of Berlin and in his teens, first started formulating his unique approach to alternative r&B.

Since 2017, Kean has divided his time between Berlin and Vienna, working in studios with various producers. His debut single “Heartthrob,” landed an impressive 200K+ streams on Spotify and today Kean returns with another hard-hitting R&B cut, “On a Roll”

Speaking about the song, Kean says: “I wrote ‘On a Roll’ with the constant image of what Berlin feels like to me – an upbeat, yet melancholic experience. The song reflects various current themes of my life, some of which I would like to escape, but only can if I also leave this city.“

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