Watch Broken Back’s “She Falls” music video

Singer, songwriter, producer and director Broken Back lands today with the music video for his latest single “She Falls.” The pink saturated clip is an absolutely dizzying ride as the camera floats around the room on a swivel, artistically shedding light on the issue of domestic violence against women.

Of the video Broken Back says:“Last year, 50,000 women worldwide were killed by intimate partners or family members. Breaking the silence is a complex and winding resolution. ‘She Falls’ echoes one woman’s distress trying to depict the psychological dependence rooted in the private sphere. With this song, my hope is essentially to prompt, as I can, a collective awareness on that matter.”

Produced by Film Directing Duo Stef and Wyt, the pair take us through a woman’s life locked in her own cage of silence. A dollhouse serves as a metaphor for being trapped in silence and in fear. Stef and Wyt share, “We wanted to play with appearances with something seducing and venomous at the same time. We shot with a totally free camera, reversing the horizon line in a way that all landmarks are lost and that this frozen woman stands out by her loneliness, trapped.”

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