Weekly Playlist: Naomi Banks

Get lost in the soulful catharsis of Naomi Banks’ music. Her standout 5 track debut EP “Deja Vu” has got us feeling some feelings. Written between her house boat and in Essex, “Deja Vu” uses Naomi Banks’ electric style of soul to tell stories from a few difficult years in her life.

“The EP is a collection of songs I have written over the past few years. Each track has been inspired by someone close to me,” Naomi tells us about the EP.

Listen to “Deja Vu” below and also check out Naomi’s playlist for us of music that inspired her record.

Hiatus Kaiyote- Laputa

I absolutely love the production in this track! The way the synths build and the patterns change is all just perfect. I have no clue what Nai Palm is singing about but the lyrics are beautiful.

Galimatias- Jaigantic

The vocals are brilliant on this track but for me this one is all in the production!! The way all those sounds are used whilst flowing so smoothly is perfection.

Caravan Palace- Tattoos

That piano at the start is ace? Then that old school beat kicks in and its all swinging. I also love the chords on the piano in that breakdown section.

FKJ- Vibin’ Out with ((( O )))

The simplicity in this track is why I love it so much. Her voice is so pure and those harmonies which come in later are beautiful.

Joji- Slow Dancing in the Dark

I think Joji has written the most beautiful melodies in this tune and the lyrics are so sad, I love them. The production in the builds sounds so cool as well, I love those synths.

Kendra Foster- Understand It

The way the vocal melody entwines with the chord progression in the chorus is just so dreamy.

Vicktor Taiwò- Digital Kids

Vicktor’s voice is pure sex. Everything he sings is stunning. The lyrics in this sad are to me helpless yet hopeful at the same time.

Pogo- Alice

I love the sampling in this tune and how repetitive it is. Less is definitely more here!

For more Naomi Banks music, head on over to Spotify.