Weekly Playlist: BVRGER

Italian-British singer/producer BVRGER has recently released his aptly titled debut EP “BRAINFOOD” and it is 5 tracks of a tasty blend of future R&B, hip-hop, and UK house. “BRAINFOOD” is a body of art inspired by BVRGER’s dreams and could-have-beens. As a songwriter he makes the unorthodox accessible, and his lyrics are thought provoking with double entendres, philosophical takes on human relationships and the corresponding relationships with nature and the universe.

“BRAINFOOD” is an all-encompassing look into BVRGER’s inner workings, including the album art for the EP and each individual track. Inspired by each song’s subject matter, each pairing is a colorful manifestation of his lyrics as a piece of art.

“BRAINFOOD” is out now via SOULUVMUZIQ and to celebrate the release, we asked BVRGER to put together a playlist of some tracks that inspired the EP. Listen in below.

Pharrell Williams – Frontin (Ft. Jay-Z)

I’ve been a fan of the Neptunes eversince I discovered them. Whether it was their productions, Pharrell’s songwriting, N.E.R.D… “Frontin“ is just perfect. Everything about it. The drums, the melodies, the bridge, the overall feel of the song.

Artful Dodger – Rewind (Ft. Craig David)

That’s the music of my youth. UK Garage and 2 Step. I’m half British so I always had deep ties with the UK music scene. When „Rewind“ hit MTV and the radio stations, I was super hyped about it. It’s a very important song for me and my musical development – if you listen to “KISS + TELL“ or “Tease“ you can hear the influence.

Chance The Rapper – Paranoia

Yeah, that song stuck with me for a while. It’s hypnotising how Nosaj Thing’s production and the mood it creates compliments Chance’s style and patterns. Such a vibe.

STWO – Neither Do I (Ft. Jeremih)

STWO has a very specific style of how to produce music. “Neither Do I“ portrays this perfectly – it seems to be super chilled at first but then smacks you straight in the face. Jeremih also plays in his own league. His ability to grace a track with his super sensual vibe is a special gift.

Timbaland & Magoo – Indian Flute

Timbaland is a producer genius. The rhythms he created and how he created them is legendary. What a catalogue. “Indian Flute“ actually made me fall in love with flutes.

Rihanna – James Joint

That could be one of the greatest interludes of our time. That vocal line. The production.
It reminds me of Stevie Wonder. I am a huge fan of his „Songs In The Key Of Life“ LP and I like to think that “James Joint“ is an homage to Stevie Wonder.

SZA – Supermodel

Supermodel. The simplicity of the guitar, the sparce production. SZA’s songwriting – so unorthodox and inspiring. A great piece of art. In case you’re looking for an uptempo flip, you might find one on my Soundcloud page.

Kaytranada – At All

The Soundcloud era brought to light a lot of very talented, open-minded producers, that would play around and just create music. Kaytranada is one of the many gems from the platform and what a career he’s had ever since. Deservedly so. He took 4-to-the-floor music and switched it completely.

Kanye West – Street Lights

Kanye. From a producer perspective just a genius. Never the one to make compromises when it comes to his art. And it paid off. This album was a true game changer. It would go on to inspire pop music for years to come. No boxes. No borders. No barriers. Just a free flowing mind making art.

Monte Booker – Ride

I could name many more songs by Monte Booker. I literally admire all of his work. His sound design is superb, the technique on point. What a bounce his music has. Massive.

For more BVRGER tunes head on over to Spotify.