FELIN is a “Woman With A Knife”

Pressphoto FELIN, shot by Fredrik Etoall

Stockholm-based artist FELIN creates powerful connections between sound and visual, constantly exploring how these two worlds collide. Combining pop melodies and rock energy, FELIN’s sound is unapologetically cinematic and memorable for it.

Today FAULT has the exclusive of FELIN’s second single from her upcoming debut album, “Woman With A Knife.”

As FELIN explains: “When jealousy and suspicion starts to grow and slowly but surely makes you go insane. I wanted to write about the feelings we all have inside us but don’t dare to talk about. I wanted to exaggerate these feelings in a cinematic way and dig into the dark side of our minds.”

The song utilizes dark and brooding production to convey its intention. Lyrically, “Woman With A Knife” delivers an empowering message of defying others’ mistreatment of you, and taking control of your own emotions and path. FELIN’s signature distorted vocal sits at the forefront, providing a focused center to the raw and raucous instrumental.

For more music from FELIN, head over to Spotify.