Dennis Lloyd shares “Exident” EP

There’s a fuzzed out soulful melancholy to singer/songwriter Dennis Lloyd’s music. Born Nir Tibor in Tel Aviv, Lloyd first gained recognition with his hit single “Nevermind” that now counts over 750 million streams worldworld. There’s an emotional intensity bubbling under the surface of Lloyd’s music, most evident in his new EP “Exident.”

Lloyd’s musical background and raw human experience account for such sonic rarity. He learned the trumpet at age 8 and the classical guitar at 13. While on a trip to the US in his early teens, Dennis recalls buying his first microphone that he quickly put to use recording original music from his bedroom.

With Lloyd composing, writing, performing, and producing every inch of his records, the level of thought and emotion put into each note is undeniable, while the melodies are brilliantly simple and irresistible.

“Exident” EP Tracklist:
1. Introducción
2. Aura
3. Never Go Back
4. GFY
5. Runaway

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