Pops new obsession. UPSAHL has arrived!

After receiving critical acclaim for a series of buzzing singles, UPSAHL unveils her highly anticipated debut EP, Hindsight 20/20 out now via the newly rebranded Arista. The five-track EP illuminates her alternative sass, soul, and spirit.

The opening track on the EP, “All My Friends Are Rich” swings from sunny, fifties-inspired keys towards a slick and sardonic chant, detailing the downsides of kicking it with big spenders. Boisterous brass and horns underscore the jazz-y big band bounce of “Stressed,” which hinges on confessions a la, “Overthink like it’s my job to lose my mind.” Elsewhere, “SMARTY” steps on unwanted flowers from the wrong dude as it plugs the EP title, “Hindsight 20/20.” Everything builds towards the lovelorn closer “Fine” as her voice sails over stark piano into the comforting croon, “I hope you’re fine.” See the full track-listing below.

Detailing the story behind Hindsight 20/20, UPSAHL commented, “I wrote this EP over the course of 2018 and after I moved from Phoenix to LA. I was writing songs every day and learning to be alone while all of my friends went to college and were doing college things. It was my first time away from home. I was discovering so much about myself and my relationships with people in my life that my days writing songs in the studio turned into sort of therapy sessions. I would just spill out whatever was on my mind on any given day. Hindsight 20/20 represents my reflection on this past year and all the experiences I had.”

Listen to more UPSAHL over at Spotify.