Weekly Playlist: Morabeza Tobacco

Welcome to the eerie, warped pop sounds of Morabeza Tobacco, we’re happy you could be here. The Swedish duo is not only talented musicians but pop culture fanatics, as evidenced by their 80s cartoon-styled single “Defenders Of The Glam.” The pair’s latest offering “Ally McBeal” borrows its name from the hit ’90s drama and comes with a vintage-tinged music video that reminds me of the title cards of Three’s Company. It’s this amalgamation of cultural references that make Morabeza Tobacco totally weird but altogether memorable.

We asked Vanilla Stillefors and Gustav Jennefors to put together an exclusive playlist for us and you can check out their off-kilter picks below.

G:I really like the mood in this track, badass yet so chill.

V: An old Nite Jewel tune! A great track from a time when I also discovered Hype Williams and Washed Outback in 2010.

G: The theme song of a sad dinosaur movie. It has one particular chord progression and melody interval that is one of my all time favourites. You can find fragments of it in Ally McBeal (our latest single)

V: Your grandmother liked it and your unborn kids are going to like it. A pure pop classic from our hometown.

G: I stumbled upon this song on youtube as a teen. I think it was my first encounter with modern lo-fi recordings, kinda blew my mind. Big influence

V:T his is a sexy and brilliant song and the music video is just stunning.

For more Morabeza Tobacco check out their Spotify.