Weekly Playlist: CXLOE

Rising singer/songwriter CXLOE is bringing her polished pop sound from the northern beaches of Sydney to the world. The close of 2018 saw CXLOE performing her music on some of Australia’s biggest stages when she opened for Broods and Marooon 5. In 2019, CXLOE continues to release new music bit by bit, each subsequent single a testament to her penchant for writing hook after memorable pop hook.

Her latest earworm “I Can’t Have Nice Things” puts CXLOE’s lyricism on display, conveying an honesty and rawness about how she feels she always finds a way to “sabotage things…that usually mean the most to me”.

We asked CXLOE to put together an exclusive playlist for us and CXLOE compiled tracks by woman who inspire her. Listen in below.

I am mostly inspired by women in my day to day life and in music – so this playlist is full of incredible female artists and their songs! Here’s why I chose some of these tracks and why they’re my favourite :)

Ariana Grande – Ghostin
I’m a sucker for a sad song. The melodies in this song are undeniably perfect. The production is simple and never get in the way of her voice or the lyrics.

Sabrina Carpenter – Bad Time
I’m also a sucker for a POP SONG! Pop always wins and this song continues to win me over with every listen. Lyrically it’s so smart – ‘it’s a bad time for a good time’ and it’s also produced by one of my favourite producers Oscar Gorres.

Tove Lo – Not On Drugs
Tove Lo was one of the first female artists that inspired my sound and my writing. She is so unapologetically herself and doesn’t care about crossing boundaries. This song is from one of my favourite albums, Queen of the Clouds and it caries so much emotion which is why I’m so obsessed.

Fickle Friends – Glue
I love pop, but I also love 80’s pop. I only just recently found Fickle Friends and have had this song on repeat every since!! I think I might have listened to it 50 times the first day I heard it. Melodically, sonically and lyrically it’s just so perfect.

Charli XCX – Lucky
This song comes from another album that influenced my so much as a songwriter, POP 2. It’s very contrasting to what you usually hear from Charli and thats why I love it. I’m completely swept into this world when the song starts and in a trance until it finishes. It’s so emotional and exactly what I love listening to.

Banger. This song is just a straight band. That is all.

“This is What it Feels Like” – Banks
I’m such a BANKS fan, and often find myself going back to her earlier material as it still inspires me today. I love this song as it’s so contrasting with the tough gritty production and her smooth vocals. The dark and light elements continually draw me and in and out – I hope to do this with my music and it takes the listener on such a journey!

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