Weekly Playlist: James Gillespie

English born, Scottish-raised singer/songwriter James Gillespie today releases his first body of work in his “Lost” EP.

Following on from his notable debut release “What You Do” (racing to over 20M streams) James evoked the kinds of natural technical ability and vocal prowess that earned artists like James Blake and Hozier instant kudos, his own comet-like entrance into the scene has seen him headline two sold-out shows at London’s Lexington & The Omeara and drop his own version of P!nk’s “Don’t Let Me Get Me” that made it to the ears of the superstar – who promptly asked him to perform it with her at her headline set at V Festival last year.

Take a listen to James’ “Lost” EP in full below as well as his exclusive playlist of songs that inspire him.

Audioslave – I Am The Highway

Grew up with Chris. His vocals have never been beaten. That mixed with his guitar. . . I mean. Its just solid. Every song. This one especially. I am not your rolling wheels – I am the highway – I am not your carpet ride – I am the sky. He just had a way. I was devastated when he died.

Bruno Major – Places We Wont Walk

My favourite artist of 2018, I saw him live twice. His chords. . . the way he plays. It’s on another level to anyone who has come out in the last few years to me. So much to learn from this man.

Action Bronson – Actin Crazy

No reason other than it puts me in the best – most positive mood EVER. If I ever need to feel better about myself this is the one.

Slowthai – T N Biscuits

Again – total honesty. And you can feel it. Been following him for a while now – and everything that he releases is just filled with energy and passion. You will find this track playing LOUD out of my car most times i drive.

Allan Rayman – All At Once

Saw him live a while ago at the Omeara and was crazy inspiring. The beats and the guitar are kind of similar to mine I guess. So no wonder I’m a big fan.

Frank Ocean – Chanel

It’s obvious – but the production on this record is just CRAZY. If your ever looking for inspiration – this is where it is. Just listen again now and pick out each layer. And listen close to those beats and the textures he uses. Could spend your whole life looking for that shit.

Alt J – Breezeblocks

I mean. Do I need to give a reason?????

Citizen Cope – Salvation

I have been playing this song myself for years. It’s so short and only has one verse. . . yet still manages to move me in ways that most songs can’t. It’s played totally open and says more in 2 lines than most say in an entire album. Diamonds they fade and flowers they bloom. Ugh. Fuck me.

Fil Bo Riva – Killer Queen

One of those voices that you know from a mile away. No one does it like him. I probably know every song he’s ever released. Hahhahaha.

Jack Penate – Second, Minute or Hour

ENERGY. LONDON. GUITAR. That’s it. That pre chorus seems to be even bigger than the chorus???? HOW???? Where are you Jack? We need you back.

K Koke – Im Back Again

Met this guy a few times – and how he talks on the record is just 100% him. It’s pure. He has a flow that most people in his genre search for. I mean – check out his fire in the booth. Hottest one ever – always will be.

Left Boy – Book Club

I have a small obsession with Left Boy. I think I’ve mentioned him in every interview I’ve ever done. I picked this song. . . . at random because every sinGLE ONE IS ABSOLUTE FIRE. My head will never stay still when listening to his tunes. Still waiting on that colab………..!?!?! ;)

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