There’s a Cannabis-infused Cava by Emerald Mist


There’s a Cannabis-infused Cava by Emerald Mist

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Words: Trina John-Charles

Born out of the place much of the world’s most interesting ideas usually come from – a smoking session, the UK’s very first cannabis-infused Cava Company is due to open for business at the end of the month. The chic and sleek Emerald Mist branding, coupled with their unique USP already hasU.K. rappers, grime artists and West End night clubs chomping at the bit to get their hands on the new, exclusive and highly coveted bottles. Retailing at roughly £70(including delivery) and infused with an award-winning cannabis strain, London’s new ‘it drink’ may have just arrived. 

Sleek, trendy ‘it drink’ to the side, is this even legal? We thought we would put the question directly to one of Emerald Mist’s founders, Anthony Granger. “Well, that is definitely one of the very first things you would like to get ticked off the list when doing something like this.” He said about the early stages of developing the product. “We use a delicate extraction process to get the natural cannabis oils called, terpenes. The terpenes themselves have numerous health benefits to help with memory retention, calm and elevated mood, stress relief, etc. It is 100% legal, as there are no psychoactive properties in the terpenes. All the psychoactive properties are removed during the extraction process and are not used in the drink. We are using the healthy beneficial side of the cannabis plant. In fact, the only drug in this drink is actually the alcohol.” 

The relaxing of cannabis laws has seen a lot of interest in new products such as this. Recently Forbes and Bloomberg both reported that soft drink giant Coca-Cola has been in ‘serious talks’ with a cannabis company to develop their own range of cannabis-infused beverages. With CPD and terpenes being perfectly legal, mixing weed’ with alcohol or various other things may soon emerge as the newest trend.

So a quick guide to recap and clear up any other Emerald Mist – Conceptions…

Is this legal?

Yes, 100%.

Why not just sell Cava?

Because there is enough Cava in the world and this so much more interesting and better for your health, apparently. 

Are cannabis oils cannabis?

Yes and no. Cannabis oils contain all the good parts of the cannabis plant, which have proven health benefits. The psychoactive or ‘drug’ part of the cannabis plant is not used. In fact, the only thing that will actually alter your mind, or physical state in Emerald Mist, is the alcohol.


Where can I buy it?

Emerald Mist is available to pre-order here