Club Paradise takes inspiration from cult film St. Elmo’s fire on “Kirby Keger”

Newcastle retro-pop quartet Club Paradise has arrived today with their very excellent ’80s inspired single “Kirby Keger.” Wailing guitars, arpeggiating synths, and emotive vocals from lead singer Ryan Young come together to create a truly anthemic track.

If you haven’t heard of Club Paradise before, that’s because the quartet – made up of school friends Ryan Young (vocals/guitar), Jackson Vert (lead guitar), Harry Webb (bass) and Nathan Hogg (drums) – only launched summer of 2018 and have two singles out. However, they’re already tapped as a band to watch for 2019 and “Kirby Keger” is a testament to the hype.

About “Kirby Keger” Ryan explains the song’s inspiration from cult film St. Elmo’s Fire: “There’s a particular line in the film which that resonates with what we did with this track, it’s the notion of nostalgia when Kirby Keger is mid-monologue and, amongst a trail of memories, says: ‘Remember that big fountain, the one on main campus that said knowledge, art, religion, life?’ That sentiment just matches perfectly with what’s behind the song.”

“Kirby Keger” is out everywhere this Friday. For more Club Paradise, head on over to their Spotify page.