Bohemian Dream Pop from Harry Nathan

Enjoy the refreshing Bohemian Dream Pop sounds of Harry Nathan. The Australian producer, singer, and songwriter’s just released his new song “Sweet Vanilla Sky” and it comes with a very relaxing lyric video of waves washing up on the beach. This is visual ASMR.

“Sweet Vanilla Sky” follows on the heels of his debut single, “Rooftops” (released in September 2018), which has won him 14 independent short film awards worldwide, including ‘Best Fantasy Film’ at the Los Angeles Film Awards, ‘Best Music Video’ at the New York Film Awards, and the ‘Gold Award’ (overall winner) at the Virgin Spring Cinefest. Rooftops was independently made by Harry Nathan and his best friends, actors Odeya Rush (Ladybird, Dumplin’) and Ryan Lee (Super 8, Goosebumps). Odeya also wrote and directed the video making her directorial debut.

”Sweet Vanilla Sky,” is a delicately intense dedication to love, loss, longing and remembrance. The track is filled with a hypnotic combination of sorrowful, guitar-driven sonics and a well of emotional depth. “The song came together quite quickly, as if I was just a vessel for its birth into the universe,” says Harry Nathan. “I kept the production super simple, so that the focus would remain on the lyrics and the melancholy guitar and violin sections.”