Weekly Playlist: Szjerdene

Szjerdene’s brand of celestial R&B has our full attention and we have her new single “Restart” on repeat here at FAULT. The song comes from the East London born singer’s upcoming third EP, “Trace” and is an intimate number encased in an opulent veneer of electronica.

Szjerdene now resides along the scenic canals of Amsterdam. This idyllic setting inspired her “Trace” EP, which she co-produced with Hoskins (Beach Season, Blessed, Jolan) over the course of a week.

Ahead of the EP’s release, we asked Szjerdene to put together a playlist of songs that inspire her. Tune in below.

Hejira – Joyful Mind
Rahel (lead singer) has been a close friend for the past 10 years. I’ve been in awe of her talent and charisma as an artist ever since I met her. Her band Hejira is comprised of fantastic musicians who write and play from the heart. It’s impossible not to feel the rawness of their lyrics and melodies as they hit deeper and deeper with every listen.

Hearing Aid Beige – Deaf Man’s Apartment
I’ve worked alongside Tommy (responsible for Front of House Sound) on the Bonobo Migration tour for the last two years. He’s exceptionally talented and a really cool guy all around. This track is stunning, I can imagine it being used as the soundtrack to an independent film.

Mar – Storm
I’ve been paying close attention to Mar’s evolution as a solo artist over the last few years. His use of harmonies and their arrangement always work so perfectly in his compositions. This song is so hard to fit into a specific genre or format – I think that’s why I love it so much. It’s the perfect blend of all the styles I’m currently into.

Little Dragon – In My House
I’ve been a big fan of Little Dragon since 2010 when I first heard their song ‘Twice’. Yukimi’s voice was is so captivating – Their work has heavily influenced my writing and performance techniques, they’re also a great example of a band that’s able to create classics in multiple genres. This song is my absolute jam right now – it’s feel-good vibes to the max, I have it on loop most mornings.

Pauli The PSM – One of Those Guys
Pauli has always been in a lane of his own. He creates his own trends whether touring the world as a Drummer for Sampha, FKA Twigs, Jamie xx and Gorillaz (to name a few) or creating the most stunning visuals for his solo work. Although many elements make this song great – I love that the lyrics are based around trust and communication.

Isabelle Young – Run
I met Isabelle in Canada after a gig. I had no idea she was a musician until she shared one of her songs with me on Instagram a few months ago. I listened to one evening and instantly fell in love with her storytelling and delivery. Her timing and expression are what drive this song for me. I’m excited to hear more of her work.

Baile – Undone
I had the pleasure of working with Baile on the lead single ‘Restart’ from my upcoming EP. He’s a great producer and can create melodic dance music that allows you to briefly drift away from reality. His latest releases are amongst some of my favourites from him. The simplicity in his production is what attracts me the most. His music is proof that less is definitely more.

Rosie Lowe – Birdsong
This song is such a vibe. The groove is incredibly tight, and alongside the vocals, they remind me of a classic TLC track from the ’90s. I’m looking forward to listening to her upcoming Album ‘YU’.

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