KAKKMADDAFAKKA’s “Runaway Girl” music video is for the lovers

KAKKMADDAFAKKA look like guys we want to be friends with. Also try saying KAKKMADDAFAKKA three times fast. Hailing from Norway, the indie rock outfit has returned in 2019 with their first new music since the release of their 2017 album “Hus.” Today we have the exclusive first look of the music video for their single “Runaway Girl” and it is a vintage tinged romantic affair. As the director, Rhina Love explains: “The story reflects the love life of today’s generation who are more open to giving their love to different people and embracing a freer way of being. It was fun to contrast the modernity of these themes with a retro-inspired visual. In the live band scenes, we carefully chose to include iconic ‘70s guitars to add to the vintage feel.”

“Runaway Girl” is out now and comes from the band’s forthcoming fifth studio LP, and arriving on the 1st March via Bergen Mafia Records, while also embarking on their extensive European Tour.

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