Weekly Playlist: Noé

This week’s playlist is brought to you by indie pop newcomer Noé – an LA-based transplant who was raised between Hong Kong and Aix en Provence (France) and whose music also traverses the globe influences wise.

Her latest single “Pity Party” plays off her self-deprecating humor. A relatable story for millennials, “Puzzles” goes something like this according to Noé:

Romantically I’m very picky but in an unfortunate and worst kind of way. I have a type: players. If someone is interested in me, chances are I’m not. I like the attention, but I crave it the most from those who won’t give it to me. Puzzles is me putting the blame on the nice guy for being too nice. Cause obviously I’m not the one with issues. I wrote it when someone actually honest/respectful/interested in me AND emotionally available (aka a unicorn) caught my attention, but not quite. The lyrics are a series of bad advice for him to win me over like “say you’d love to see me, baby, then bring another lady to my party”. I like to think a lot of people can relate!

Tune into Noé’s playlist below.

Jungle – Heavy California
Jungle feels like everything I love about LA in a nutshell.

Elderbrook – Cola
I’ve seen Elderbrook live twice and had the best nights. Cola is the first song I heard of him. At this point he’s a pre-game essential.

ABBA – Dancing Queen
Honestly, you can’t go wrong with ABBA. Even haters know all the words and can’t help but dance to Dancing Queen. 

Noé – Puzzles
This song is definitely the closest thing on my EP to a happy song. Even with its bittersweet lyrics, I hope it makes a few people want to dance!

Kaytranada – You’re the one
No one can switch my mood as quickly as Kaytranada. If I’m about to bail on a night out, Kaytranada will pump be back up. Or if I lost all of my friends at a festival, he’ll make it all ok.

Lianne La Havas – Unstoppable (FKJ Remix)
Two of my favorite artists combined. This remix gets me cheesing like no other.

Lou Bega – Mambo No. 5
Ultimate favorite. If you’re at a party and this song randomly comes up, chances are I’m there and just stole the AUX cord.