Weekly Playlist: NANCY

Nancy for Nancy! The mysterious project of Brighton based outfit crawled into our consciousness last fall with their swirling psychedelic rendition of Nancy Sinatra’s hit “Boots (Are Made For Walkin’) and they’ve recently released their debut EP “Mysterious Visions.”

We jumped at the chance to have Nancy put together a playlist for us so without further ado, check out Nancy’s “Dirty Jukebox” below.

“Pour yourself a Martini, put your smoking jacket on, sit back and watch the sun sink into the ocean. Nancy’s Dirty Jukebox is here to carry you through the evening. To ease you in we start, with composer, Henry Mancini’s immortal ‘Lujon’, if there’s a better string arrangement out there well, I ain’t heard it..From there we find ourselves in the company of Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and The Walker Brothers as we then gently drift across the four corners of the Electronic/Avant Garde world with tracks from Steve R.Moore, Giorgio Moroder, Su Kramer and Suicide, We then jump from coast to coast with some of my favourite Hip Hop picks from Tribe Called Quest, Pharcyde and Nas finally with some Bowie and Cochran to bring us home.

The eclecticism in this playlist represents my musical style, all of these artist influence me and drive me to make music in the way that I do. I incorporate elements from these genres into my music to create my own sound. I take the croon of the Ratpack, the synths of Moroder, the drum breaks of Tribe, the clatter of Cochran and the soul of Bowie and put it all in my music with my own personality.”