Weekly Playlist: Adam French

Adam French channels his best Ryan Gosling from Lars and the Real Girl in his music video for his single “The Only Living Thing.” The self-taught musician from Chesire’s latest track is deeply emotive and an exceptional glimpse into his forthcoming debut album, “The Back Foot and The Rapture.”

The video’s director Harry Cauty selected rising UK actor Charley Palmer Rothwell (Darkest Hour, Dunkirk) to create a gorgeously vivid clip that blends real-world emotion and grit with a strikingly beautiful aesthetic.

We asked Adam to put together a playlist and below you can find some of the songs that help him get out of bed in the morning.

The Walkmen – The Rat
This song is at least part responsible for me becoming a musician, it soundtracked many a car journey for my friends and I in our teens… on the way to gigs, festivals, parties, astbury mere. Such a ferocious energy throughout… Obviously had to cover it and be a massive fan-girl for a wee moment.

Boy Genius – Bite The Hand
I love these guys individually, so when the boygenius project came together it was pretty much a done deal that I’d be into it… I think i’ve listened to this song about a million times, but everything they’ve put out is just as strong.

Hanz Zimmer – Time
Probably my favourite piece of music ever… so much emotion in that inescapable feeling of grandeur. Would love to see and experience ‘Time’ performed live at some point, definitely on my bucket list.

The 1975 – Love it if We Made it
Had this song on my playlist recently, so much energy, and in my opinion the first time somebody’s nailed a politically charged banger in quite a long time… Its great.

Burial – Ghost Hardware
I spent some time in Devon working with a producer called Chris Bond, he and his brother (‘Bear’) introduced me to the incredible back catalogue of ‘Burial’… I’ve always taken influence from electronic music, but Burial triggered something for me.

Radiohead – Videotape
My dad introduced me to Radiohead as a little kid, one of the few bands that have managed to remain so relevant for their entire career, and without caving in to mainstream pressures and expectations to feed the masses… Probably my favourite band of all time.

Half Moon Run – Full Circle
Love this song, love this band… extensive use of finger-picking and layered acoustic counter melodies will always keep me onside. Anyone that cares about musicianship wouldn’t be wasting their time in checking them out live.

Mammal Hands – Quiet Fire
I played a ‘SoFar Sounds’ show with these guys last year at ‘The Pool’, a recording studio in London and spent the majority of their set with my jaw on the floor, anyone that appreciates experimental Jazz should try and see them play, incredible.

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