Diving Into The Top Fashion Trends To Look Out For In 2020


Are you ready to shed the heavy layers of winter clothing into a fashion-forward wardrobe this spring? The top fashion trends of 2020 are both body-positive and practical.

To make these trends work for your budget, choose from leading fashion brands for affordable options. Take a look at this list of the top fashion trends.


Add some zeal to your wardrobe with bright shades of neon this spring. This trend comes from Valentino’s new line of maxi dresses in fluorescent yellow and orange.

An affordable version of this look might be neon t-shirts with distressed jeans. Try neon accessories to bring an 80’s touch to your look.

Short Suits

Bermuda shorts are back, but this time they mean business. Short suits are trending in 2020 and are perfect for matching blazers.

The Bermuda shorts work well as a summer or fall look. You can use the suit as a trendy take on business casual attire.

For ideas on where to sport your short suit, pretend you’re a music exec scouting for awesome new talent like those on Comma Music. This stylized trend is the look of an artist who also gets things done.


One of the least expected trends this year is the introduction of crochet, but this isn’t your grandmother’s crochet.

The large loops add an Avante Garde touch to garments while bright, rich crochet patterns will dominate dresses and tops.

Celebrities rock crochet dresses that expose their midriff over hot pants for sexy summer outfits. If you love wearing florals, you’ll love the texture crocheting brings to this look.

Hot Pants

Short shorts are nothing new, but we expect to see a wider range of styles in 2020. Hot pants work well for all heights.

They make short legs look longer and show off long legs. You can pair these shorts with a blazer for an upscale look.

Short shorts give a ‘wow factor’ when paired with a bra top under a knee-length trench. They don’t need to be designer to look fabulous.

Choose from a range of affordable options from discount and thrift stores. You can also chop the legs off a pair of old jeans to create your version of denim hot pants.


If you cringe at the idea of wearing hot pants, jumpsuits are a more modest option. The top fashion trends for you should leave you feeling empowered to take action, like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill.

Her fierce jumpsuit accentuated her lean figure while still looking cool and casual. Jumpsuits have lots of personalities depending on your footwear.

Combat boots say you have errands to run, while a pair of heels gives you a fashion-forward look. Because they’re so flattering to all body types, jumpsuits are sure to be a trend that’s here to stay.

Top Fashion Trends

Fashion week sets the top fashion trends for the season, but this doesn’t mean you need to follow these designers to the letter.

Their exact styles will break the bank, leaving you with no money to go and flaunt your new outfit. Don’t be afraid to hold on to old trends that made you look fabulous last year.

The cycles of fashion will eventually bring everything back around. For more information and lifestyle tips, check our blog for updates.