Weekly Playlist: Lakim

Hailing from Lynchburg, Virginia, LAKIM has steadily made a name for himself in the electronic scene by bridging the gap between dance music and hip-hop in his finessed, chrisp sound. It’s an ever shifting blend of crisp drum patterns, dreamy synths, and lush vocal chops.

It’s this sound that caught the attention of globally lauded YouTube channel and now label, Majestic Casual. A trusted tastemaker in the industry, Majestic Casual continues to expand the their reach and recently concluded a “Majestic Casual World Tour”.

Check out some of the tunes LAKIM took on the road with him in his exclusive playlist for FAULT below.

LAKIM – Nightfall

This is probably the song that’s my favorite of all of the ones I’ve made up until this point in my career. I went through so many different emotions trying to finish this record and I think it shows here in a majorly way. Feelings of being immersed in the night and what activities happen to transpire within that.

Sunni Colon – God Is A Woman

Sunni has been bubbling steadily for some years now and I feel like he hasn’t even gotten close to reaching his artistic peak. An amazing songwriter and singer with such self assurance in their art is incredibly hard to come by these days and he’s destined to be big some day soon.

starRo – Relapse ft. One T

My Soulection brother! starRo is one of the most consistent artists that I know to have emerged from the early SoundCloud remix era to create amazing original works of art. This song with One T is one of his best ones the shows what he can really do with an artist that trusts in his sound direction.

Noah Slee – Instore ft. Wayne Snow & Rachel Fraser

I had never heard of Noah before this but WOW, you have made me a fan. Will definitely be listening to the future releases. Here’s the one that caught my attention early.

quickly, quickly – Stay Up

quickly is near the top the mountain when it comes to the lo-fi instrumental hip-hop scene that has exploded over the last few years thanks to “study and chill” youtube beat channels. Rather than relying on a sample to carry the heart of a song, he plays and uses a variety of instruments to really display his diverse, musical prowess. Take note.

rei brown – Chaplan Candy

rei reminds me a lot of Corbin. Everything he makes has a great sense of tonality the shows in every aspect of his work. You could totally get lost in not only the soothing music but also how his voice weaves in and out so perfectly like a never-ending panning effect. So great.

Mothica – Cheap Tricks

Hadn’t heard much of Mothica’s music before this tour but I’m so happy that I did. She has such an amazingly, haunting voice that sends chills up your spine. Definitely someone that people should be paying attention to in the next couple of years. This is one of my favorites of hers.

LAKIM – Street Mentality (Go Hard) ft. El Blanco Nino

I made this track with one of my good friends from NYC, Blanco, late last year. He and his collective, Papi Squad, are some of the most musical, talented people that I know. This song is supposed to give off a feeling of perseverance and triumph, giving you the power from within to push through the many challenges you may run into during you everyday life.