Wayne Noir


Wayne Noir is a Fashion photographer and editor-in-chief at RION magazine

Why did you decide to set up RION?

For me, I wanted to create a platform for emerging talent. Somewhere they could promote their work. We reach readers all over the world both in digital, print and online. So I wanted this to beacon the talent out there for them to shine. I know how hard it was when I first started as a fashion photographer trying to get portfolio out there. With the way social media is today, it’s much easier for creatives to showcase their work and reach a wider audience, and this is what RION helps to do. We’re a platform for creatives to showcase their work to the world.

Where did the name RION originate?

RION is actually my surname backwards ‘NOIR’, I did want to call the publication NOIR magazine but the name was already taken, so I remembered seeing my Photographers business card in the reflection of my computer screen and that was it. RION was born. I like to pronounce it with a French accent, as ‘Ree,On’, not RYAN ie RION.

What’s something RION does that no other magazine does?

With loads of other great independent magazines out there, getting published is made more available. What we like to do is work with our creatives to help them shine and really stand out. We’ve done PR for them, media partnerships and held fashion shows at London Fashion Week in aid to really publicise their work. We work with Creatives from all around the world and are becoming a global brand. We’ve just launched our latest issue in America which I’m totally thrilled about!

What inspired you to pursue publishing as a career path?

I originally started as a photographer back in my early 20’s then due to a an accident which left me with a dislocating shoulder made it harder for me to shoot all the time due to the weight of the equipment etc. I never wanted to leave Fashion so I took a job as a photo editor for a magazine. After a while, I had my vision to set up my own an have full creative control. Not just a magazine, but a creative platform for all to join and share their work. I love working in publishing and plan on extending the RION magazine brand in future years.

What’s the hardest thing about your job?

The hardest thing I find is working with CTS (Carpel Tunnel Syndrome) in both hands, something I’ve had for years, so at times, it’s difficult to type, write and shoot. But after the end result, seeing an issue put together, the final shoot or write editorial makes it all worth it. I don’t or won’t let it hold me back from what I believe in and dream. Even if it kills me, I’ll still create.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Watching our creative community grow, seeing their amazing work from around the world and having that close creative community is fantastic. In my time, I’ve seen photographers come from testing little shoots to growing a huge social profile and shooting exclusives for some very top named brands. This, I love to watch!

What is your FAULT?

Never shutting off, I over think everything, having full creative control with RION  only feeds my addiction to fashion, photography and art! I’m constantly hungry for success. 3 pm is witching hour and often my time to reflect on the day ahead and draw down ideas for shoots, editorials and words. I’m still very old school when it comes to writing, I like to draft in pen so that’s another fault of mine haha!