Electric radiators vs. oil central heating

Today, thousands of happy customers have already made the switch from oil central heating systems to electric radiators and are enjoying the advantages of supreme energy efficiency, cutting edge energy systems and simple plug-in and go installation. Historically, when the technology as in its childhood, electric heating was seen as an expensive and wasteful way to heat. But with new advancement in electric heating technology from some of the world’s best heating producers, electric radiators have evolved. 

Here is the comparison between electric radiators vs. oil central heating:

Save money with electric radiators

One of the huge upfront savings you can make is when you match the installation cost of latest electric radiators to that of a conventional oil central heating system. With electric radiators you only need a drill and a screwdriver to do the installation, guessing you are going to plug them into an existing power socket.


Source: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcSHlSzK_ubnsDi1ySTxbjK2n2418aJObcsAMA1QfSWqcfHM7o3D

Match this with oil central heating. You will need a professional plumber, pipe work throughout your property, valves, radiators, a boiler, maybe an expansion pipe and a lot of upheaval and time. The primary cost when matched against electric radiators is big. It continues all through the maintenance of the system too.

Electric radiators do not need servicing or maintenance.  Boilers and oil central systems do. These yearly servicing costs generally need a shutdown of the system as well as the cost to do the work.

What about failures?

Electric radiators have no moving components. As such they have an extremely low failure rate. Anyway, if the bad thing happens and one radiators should stop working you can change easily. If an oil central heating system part fails the full system is at danger. That would mean a chill home until a repair can be arranged. If the boiler needs changing then you may have a high bill and more upheaval.

Source: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcSkOAtFHUaEdRIANwikfKBJn4VgjP-Zt9XHUen5jk-dzh4Z9LCL

Control and programming

Electric radiators come with modern management systems that can help you cut down significantly on your power usage and heating bills.  Oil central heating systems can be less simply controlled, generally suffering from a single thermostat which provides an unrepresentative temperature reading for the rest of the home.


Electric radiators is one hundred percent efficient: all energy is changed to heat. In an oil central heating system, where water is heated in a central boiler and then pushed around the home via pipes, the efficiency is reduced because heat is lost via the pipes before it reaches the radiators.