Easy ways to clean windows and doors

While it is not a sensational job, cleaning windows and doors is a vital part of home maintenance. If you have been wondering how to clean windows efficiently and fast, we have got covered with our favorite tips and tricks to help you keep your new windows and doors looking amazing for years.

Test the temperature

Do not want to waste a sunny and hot day cashing away the grime and dirt on windows? You are not alone and you are in luck. One of the top pieces of advice for how to clean windows is to pick a cloudy day. The lack of sunlight will help to reduce the chance of streaks. And heat makes window cleaning solution evaporate quicker than you can wipe it off, leaving streaks. Lack of glaring sunlight also permits you to better view and better clean the windows and doors.

Vacuum windows

No window washing job is done without using your vacuum first. There is a lot of dirt and dust that can accumulate within the sills of your windows, and once that gets wet you will be left with muddy streaks to clean up. That is why an essential step cleaning windows rightly is to hook up the vacuum first, using hose attachments to clean out inner side of your windows. While you are at it, use a vacuum to suck up bugs or dust that have gathered at the new windows closing.

How to clean outside windows

There is one vital step that many people skip when learning how to clean windows. Close all your doors and windows and use a garden hose to spray the outside. You will remove the initial layer of dirt and make the details work that much easier. Additional, on a summer day you can use window washing as an excuse to splash in the water quite a bit.

How to clean inside windows

Newer versions flip open, permitting you to clean both the inside and outside from the same place. Older ones might be stationary, which means you will have to use a ladder to clean the exteriors. Most will permit you to get rid of the screens and clean them separately. Clean indoor glass panes with a window cleaner. Screens may be cleaned with soapy, hot water, either on a paved outside place or in a bathtub.

Dry the glass

For a perfect finish, first wet the blade of your squeegee. Then wipe the water off the window, working from top to base. You can prevent streaks from emerging by cleaning the squeegee blade with tag between strokes. Now give the windowsill a fast wipe with your rag to clean off the last of the dust.