Swedish sweetheart Tinx shares new EP “Six One Zero”

After growing up in Sweden as a child, Tinx moved to England in her teens to pursue her career in music. After several years grinding it out, the now 22-year-old singer steps out with her debut EP “Six One Zero,” out today.

Named for Tinx’s Swedish hometown area code, “Six One Zero” is dark pop with big drops, crisp production, and diva-esque vocals.

Speaking about her new EP, Tinx said, “I’m proud that this is the first body of work that people will get to hear from me. I wrote on all the songs and had a hand in the production alongside my producer. It summaries my life over the last two years”.

The EP’s lead single “One More Time,” which we’re happy to premiere today, showcases eclectic production and thunderous percussion. The track strips away all the atmospheric pretense of modern day pop music, leaving behind an anthemic and captivating release that demands to be heard.

Adding to the message behind her new single, she explained, “‘One More Time’ was written about that stage in a relationship when those rose-coloured glasses come off and you see the relationship you’re in for what it is. When things have turned a corner and it’s gone to sh*t – but you want to have them for one more time, as selfishly as that may seem.”

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