Tommy Newport

We featured 18-year-old English-born phenom Tommy Newport a couple weeks ago and today, the precocious talent has dropped his debut record 13-track record “Just To Be Ironic.” Speaking on the album, Tommy says: “This record was the most fun I’ve had making music. It’s the first time I’ve had people really look over it and help the creative side on it and it was great to step out of that box. It took me to many new places I’ve never been before and tested me in many ways In which I have grown from.”

The 13-track album is a personal diary from Tommy, lyrically he’s honest and raw, remarking, “The theme of Irony plays a big role in this project. I speak and write about things I normally wouldn’t want to talk to anyone about… Some of the stuff I write about on these tracks are things that are specifically ironic to me. Like the line, “do you love me be honest or is just to be ironic,” is used to describe how the relationships I’ve been in have made me feel more ironic than anything in the end. You start out so confident but in the end, you’re like a pilot that’s afraid of heights.”

We asked Tommy to put together a playlist of tracks that inspired the record, listen in below.

Andy Shauf – Quiet Like You

I appreciate the tight production and the warmth of all the records of this album. This one is airy and depicts a great story.

Fleetwood Mac – Dreams

Classic Fleetwood Mac, beautiful song. Always makes me want to get up and write a song.

Dan Auerbach – Undertow

Dan is a huge inspiration to me, and this song is just as an amazing representation of the things he’s taught me just by listening.

The Arcs – Put a Flower in Your Pocket

This track has the type of fidelity to pull you into another dimension. It’s on hell of a song and I’ve always wanted to capture the feeling I get listening to it in one of my own songs.

Arctic Monkeys – One Point Perspective

My top pick from their latest record tranquility base hotel and casino, it flows through my ears like a river, I appreciate the warm piano and drum tones.

Trudy and the Romance – Is There a Place I Can Go

The vocals in this song paired with the fuzzy guitar and piano always bring me back to it. This track is perfect.

Queen – Good Ole Fashioned Lover Boy

Grew up listening to this track and queen. Can’t go wrong with Freddy Mercury. This is my all time favorite queen song, the guitar solo is my mantra.

Mild High Club – Kokopelli

Sounds I’ve never heard before from Mild High Club always make me feel like I’m listing to something so unique. Always been a big inspiration.

Steve Lacy – Dark Red

Simple but elegant song Steve lacy should be a role model for all young artists trying to find a path.

The Killers – My List

The killers are the reason I make music today and every single song of theirs is special. This one in particular is a song that motivates me to create more music.

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