What You Can Do to Ensure A Perfect Night Out

The perfect recipe for a night out can either be really daunting or very simple. It all depends on what exactly you want from your occasion. Once you’ve established how you want to present yourself, you’ve got everything else in the bag. First, we’re going to cover the essentials: hair, shoes, and how to dress.

Society’s stance on dressing for the occasion is always changing. Through the years, you can see how different things are from just ten years ago compared to what’s in right now. Sometime’s vintage is cool, but if you’re on the move to impress someone like a date or someone important, staying in the modern zone is safe. So let’s get into it.


Tried and true, curls will always be seen as romantic, luxurious, and sexy. When on a date and you want to leave a soft yet unforgettable impression, loose beach waves or big barrel curls are the way to go. However, if you’re feeling more daring, a sleek straight look with a middle part will leave the room with all eyes on you. A bold, pin straight finish will be one of the classics that’ll never go out of style. To make the night fun, it’s always a good idea to go a little bit out of your comfort zone, even if that means switching up your hairstyle for that one evening.


One thing every girl knows is the struggle of wearing heels all night. Your feet can get blisters, the risk of spraining your ankle is high, your feet can even become sweaty which can lead to stinky shoes, something no one wants. Here, I’m going to walk you through the best types of shoes to wear, how to walk in heels, and how to be rid of stinky shoes.

There’s a range of heels to choose from. For beginners, it’s best to go with a heel that’s chunky and not so high. Wedges, ankle booties, or a peep-toe-shoe are perfect options. Wedges go great with a billowing, light fabric, summery dress. Ankle booties are fantastic for a casual night out, or even pairing it with a smart look. Peep-toe are similar to ankle booties, they’re universal in the same aspect. Skinny stilettos or strapped heels are amazing if you want to achieve a confident, elegant, and mature look for the night.

The way to walk in heels is all about balance. Walk one foot in front of the other with no rush and you’ll be walking like a pro. It’s all about practice, the more you walk, the easier it is for you to find your center and make a simple sidewalk into a runway.

Through the night, it’s only natural to sweat and sometimes we can even sweat on our feet. Gross, but it happens. Sweat leads to odors and here’s how easy it is to get rid of that icky issue. This has prevented me from suffering from stinky shoes a numerous amount of times. My ritual for perfectly dry, nice smelling shoes is this:

  • Exfoliate my feet
  • Add a little deodorant spray into whatever shoe I chose that night
  • Use shoe insoles
  • Sprinkle baking soda into the shoes
  • Clean shoes with rubbing alcohol


We’re onto the main event, how to dress for success for any occasion. There are three types of important forms of dress. There’s casual, business casual, and smart casual. It’s human nature to dress to reflect how you feel. Dressing up to make you feel confident is essential when it comes to a person’s self-esteem, but there is a time and place for everything.

For dressing up on a date, you want to focus on not restricting yourself. Don’t wear anything that you can’t walk in, breathe in, or eat in. No one wants to see their date straining themselves to the point where they look like they’re in pain. It’s all about being comfortable; your beauty will shine through much better if you’re relaxed.

If you’re out to impress at an important meeting, a cocktail dress or an all-black pantsuit will work wonders for making a statement without having to say anything.

Refrain from taking any bags with you

Leave your bags at home or in the car. You dont want to be lugging around a bag all night, and it’ll just be in the way when you’re dancing. When you have a bag with you, you risk having it stolen or losing track of it. You will be distracted by keeping an eye on your belongings instead of enjoying yourself.

Only bring what you can fit in your pockets. Your phone, cash, and ID should be all you need. If you must bring a bag, make sure it’s small and keep it with you at all times. Use the bag as little as possible to minimize the risk of losing it or having it stolen.

If you don’t have an alternative, find luggage storage near me so you can safely store your belongings while you’re out.

Overall, getting ready for the night ahead of you is always the best part. It’s fun trying on new things that may have been hiding in your closet. The excitement and the adrenaline of what the night has in store for you is sometimes more exhilarating than the actual event itself. Staying calm and stress-free will always lead to a positive outcome. So remember to be confident, open-minded, and self-assured!