Golden Vessel’s “BIGBRIGHT” is a meeting of Australia’s buzziest musicians

Brisbane artist Golden Vessel has managed to pull together some of the buzziest Australian musicians on a single song, “BIGBRIGHT.” Featured on the track are Elkkle, E^ST and DUCKWRTH, who are each given their time to shine with a solo verse.

Written about the butterflies and head rush of a new crush, “BIGBRIGHT” has an accompanying visual that gives life to the feeling of head spinning infatuation.

“It was the first time that anyone on the track had met each other, and while four days was maybe overkill, we had such a fun time and we wanted to make it as good as possible,” Golden Vessel says about the making of the video. “I wanted everyone to be in their own unique locations alone singing their verse, and then at the end of the video we all come together for one big scene as friends.”

We asked Golden Vessel to take a deep dive with us to explain the inspiration behind the music video.

Brockhampton has been a huge inspiration for me both musically and visually and I love this video so much. The energy and friendship they project is really amazing and I wanted to capture a similar feeling for “BIGBRIGHT.”

I randomly found Relbw on Instagram and immediately fell in love with their photography and styling. The colours and shapes they use are amazing and we used this as a reference for the outfits and styling.

Harry who directed “BIGBRIGHT” loved the photography by platon and we used this as a key reference for the Duckwrth studio scenes.

We used artist and production designer Dave Court to build the colourful room in the final scene of the video. He built it the room out of wood inside a studio and painted it using different techniques. A big influence for him is the painter Katharina Grosse.

I also loved the energy and choppiness of this video by A$ap Ferg. It’s so fast and intense and we wanted to cut between shots at a similar rate for “BIGBRIGHT.”

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