Get into the effervescent pop sounds of newcomer Tommy Newport

Twinkling arpeggiated synths and strings open Tommy Newport’s new single “Mr. Angel.” The effervescent pop single from the 18-year-old newcomer is an endless earworm.

“Mr. Angel is the story of a person dealing with drug abuse/addiction in the form of a love song. With comparisons to loving and needing “Mr.Angel” the drug and talking to “Mr. Angel” as if it’s someone important in his/her life. A dark story masked as an upbeat love song to resemble the idea that nobody truly knows what someone is going through because we are great at putting up false personas & masks,” Tommy shares.

With years beyond his age in craftsmanship, Tommy is moving forward in full force for the rest of 2018, with new music and the announcement today of his forthcoming album Just To Be Ironic due out on November 16th.

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