North Elements

Australian producer North Elements’ (Ravi Vithal) new single “It’s Always Been You” is a gorgeous lo-fi electronic lullaby featuring buzzed about London vocalist Ayelle. Ayelle’s voice glides across North Elements’ minimalist composition effortlessly and feels like a warm embrace on a cold winter night.

“This single developed as an unexpected spark of creativity in a time of uncertainty and insecurity, and it has been my proudest work to date,” he says of the track. “The collective energy that went into this song rejuvenated my writing, confidence and sense of self, after a prolonged period of self-doubt.”

We asked North Elements to put together a playlist of songs that inspire his music, including slick R&B influenced cuts from Kllo, RY X, and more.

Kllo – Last Yearn

Kllo are by far, my favourite artist in Australian music at the moment. ’Last Yearn’ brought out memories and feelings I’d long left behind. There was such a vulnerability and sincerity felt in both the words spoken, and the instrumental layering behind this song. I felt so exposed the first time I heard it and it has since become an all time favourite.

RY X – Untold

I think you’ll find the majority of songs I’m listening to at the moment share an underlying element of vulnerability and low-key melancholy. ‘Untold’ captivated me from start to finish. This song is intensely emotive and I cannot stop listening to it.

Bon Iver – 22 (OVER S??N)

This song has a pretty good chance of bringing me to tears every single damn time. I’ve battled with my mental health for the large majority of my adult life and a lot of Bon Iver’s music has soundtracked my struggle to look past my own vulnerabilities and internal faults. The expression and experimentalism shown in his most recent work was also outstandingly refreshing.

Golden Vessel & Emerson Leif – Hesitate

Only good things have come from these two. Emerson Leif and Golden Vessel are going to play a big part in the future of Australian music and I’m so excited to see where their talent takes them. The production is warming, the melodies are hypnotic and the overall sense of this song brings me to a solemn calm regardless of storms that may brew.

Jack Grace – Downstate

There was such a sense of fragility and nostalgia to this song. I’ll soon be moving away from my family, friends and the life I know here in Melbourne, so this track has me incredibly vulnerable, introspective and homesick even though I’m yet to even leave haha.

Emerson Leif – Twenty2

There’s something so nonchalant in the way Emerson Leif lays down his vocals on ‘Twenty2’. I feel nostalgic for a life I’ve never lived and long for an era I wasn’t a part of. There’s feel good energy all over this. It feels like ‘New York City, summertime’.

Chrome Sparks – I Just Wanna feat. Kllo

‘I Just Wanna’ is such a transfixing composition of dynamic synths and layered instrumentation. Chloe’s vocals seamlessly slide throughout the production and I can’t help but get lost in the energy and sentiment this track expresses.

Christopher Port – Nobody Chose You

This was such a sonically immersive experience for me. ‘Nobody Chose You’ made me ruminate on my own production/direction and this song in all honesty just energised me to learn, evolve and improve on my own craft and sounds. ‘It’s Always Been ~ You’ owes a lot to this song.

ALTA – Figured Out

I am bewildered by how emotionally resonant and catchy as fuck this song is. I absolutely love the production and progression on this. As brooding and contemplative as these lyrics may be, i still think it’s a certified banger.

Tourist – Apollo

‘Apollo’ is an amalgam of all the things I love about contemporary electronic music. First and foremost, this track is just a downright banger. I am so enthralled with the evolving ambience and entrancing warmth this track brings forward. There’s something just so sonically engaging about how disruptive and textural it is.

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