Dive into the airy R&B and pop sounds of ISA

R&B / pop artist ISA is just 20 years old but already has a knack for expressing deep sincerity in her music. Her latest single “Shy” today gets the acoustic treatment and the rendition delivers a palatable sound of airy pop.

ISA breathes her vocal prowess into the rehash of the R&B-Pop bop. The now self-releasing artist demonstrates her freedom on this personal, liberating track; she explains the premise of “Shy”:

“I wrote the acapella version of Shy to convey a rawer side of the single – production is an intrinsic facet of my artistry and experimenting with vocal arrangements is something I’ve found to be a strength in my style of composition. A large part of my inspiration comes from the way R&B singer Brandy uniquely uses her voice as an instrument, creating various moods with her rhythm. “

Watch the video below.

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