Harmless “Como Somos”

Mexico City born songwriter/producer announces his new project Harmless with the single “Como Somos,” which we’re happy to premiere today. The 26-year-old Los Angeles based artist slides through a menagerie of seemingly incongruous sounds in the song, anchored by a jazz saxophone solo and a minor key synth beat.

“Como Somos,” translated into “how we are” in English, was written about his 2017 near fatal car accident. As he wrote “Como Somos,” unaware of the physical pain he’d undergo just a few months later, wounds from an ended long-term relationship was just scarring. Like most artists, Nacho worked through these feelings by making. Here are Cano’s own words about writing the song during this challenging time:

“Como Somos (How We Are in English) was probably one of the few songs that I wrote during my break up. When my ex and I were going through tough times I would walk around the neighbourhood to clear my head and would sing the chorus to myself. I didn’t want to finish the track at the time because I was hopeful for things to change between us. I’d write a verse here and there when I felt hopeful. Finishing the song represented the end of us. By the time I finished it things were definitively over and I didn’t wanna be in love.”