Transatlantic R&B pop duo Weslee are donut lovers and wow, what a coincidence, we are too. Made up of Us born Josh and British vocalist Emma, Weslee are a pair on the rise. They released their EP “F-9” earlier this summer that includes the certified banger “Sweat Dreams” that’s the perfect listening companion for these hot summer nights.

We asked John and Emma to put together a playlist of tunes they can’t get enough of. Let these songs take you away on a summer breeze, tune in below.

Kwabs – Perfect Ruin

“When we first started working together we discovered we both loved Kwabs, then one day Emma was like ‘you gotta watch this video’ and played me Kwabs singing ‘Perfect Ruin’ just with the piano, at that point the song hadn’t been released yet, but we probably watched that video at least once or twice for the next few months that we worked.”

James Blake – Retrograde

“Another song that had come out around the same time we started working together, and another song we would randomly put on really loud when we were working together. I wish I could hear this song for the first time again, the programming is amazing.”

SIR – Ooh Nah Nah

“We spend a lot of time sending other songs back and forth to each other, you know, the like, ‘have you heard this? have you heard that?’ etc etc. Emma sent me this sometime last year and I still listen to it all the time. One of those songs you wish you had made.”

Drake – Sacrifices

“If Emma’s personality could be a beat it would be this one. She loves a bubbly beat, I know if we are ever having a shit day or if I’m like struggling with the Music side of us writing a song I try and channel my inner sacrifices and get something bubbly cooking.”

Kendrick Lamar – Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe

“As we finished our first EP and started writing for the next EP, Emma was back in the states and sent me a text that was like I’ve been listening to m.a.a.d city and I hadn’t forgotten but sort of had forgotten how good that album is , I started listening to it again on repeat, it’s one of those albums that you could just listen to over and over and over again and never get bored of, so picking one song off it would be Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe.”

Blackstreet – Don’t Leave Me

“Before our first session with Moss Kena we were blasting this on repeat in the studio, and then Moss showed up and started singing along and we all instantly felt comfortable with each other. It’s a banger.”

Frank Ocean – Thinking ‘Bout You

“Frank Ocean is the one, and this probably seems like an obvious one but people that say they like Frank Ocean but then try and talk about how they don’t like this song can get lost. He sort of paved the way and changed the game with this song. We celebrate his entire catalog, ha, but this would have to be the one one.”

Rihanna – Yeah I Said It

“This is one of the most recent songs we’ve both been vibing on … another one that I had slept on when the album first came out but then Emma was like “yeah I said it is a tune” I listened again and it’s another one that has been in the rotation ever since. So once again Emma is the teacher and I’m the student.”

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