Fast Favs with San Holo

San Holo straddles the line between the electronic and pop worlds, all the while creating a new space for rising talent with his label bitbird and cementing himself as an industry juggernaut. Born Sander Van Dijck, the Dutch artist first gained international recognition with his remix of Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode” in 2014. Since then it’s been his original music that’s continued to catapult his career.

In this next phase of his development, San Holo takes inspiration from bands like Explosions In The Sky and Sigur Ros, injecting atmospheric and warm soundscapes into his music. After announcing his upcoming album, aptly titled “album1,” San Holo today shares a new cut “brighter days” featuring Bipolar Sunshine.

We caught up with San Holo ahead of his performance this weekend at Electric Zoo Festival in NYC to ask him a few quick questions. Learn more about the man behind San Holo below with Fast Favs.

FAULT: Favorite rising artist?
San Holo: Ooph, there’s a few I really like. But if had a gun to my head, it would be Duskus. He’s been making some really good songs and developing his sound lately. Can’t wait to bring him on tour!

FAULT: Favorite guilty pleasure artist?
San Holo: I personally don’t believe in ‘guilty pleasures’ to be honest, I think that’s one of the biggest weird conceptions in music – only being able to listen to or like things that is ‘cool.’ I mean, why would you feel guilty about something you like? If you like something you like it, don’t feel guilty about it!

FAULT: Favorite collaborator?
San Holo: I think the Nicholas. We’ve known each other for a while now and we always just seem to click when we make music. He comes up with ideas I wouldn’t have thought of and vice versa. Also the way he plays guitar, besides his amazing voice of course, is unparalleled. Throughout the album process he’s been really helpful as well as somebody I can bounce ideas off of, or ask for feedback while I’m making music.

FAULT: Favorite piece of gear?
San Holo: I’m torn between my laptop and guitar. But I’m gonna go with guitar. Guitar playing is where everything started and also something I’ve been really incorporating in my music over the last couple of years – you’ll hear lots of it in the album!

FAULT: Favorite clothing brand?
San Holo: bitbird merch! Enough said.

FAULT: Favorite thing in your closet?
San Holo: The bitbird hoodie is my go-to item, I’ve already gone through so many of them. Biases aside, I have this long shimmery reflective jacket I picked up in Asia on tour last year. And there’s also this sweatshirt from De Anza College. I have no idea what that is or where it is but it has the flags of all the countries in the world which is super dope and somebody very special lent it to me which is nice. I also love tracksuit jackets from Nike and Adidas from the 90s. I guess it’s hard to pick just one thing!

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FAULT: Favorite city?
San Holo: My hometown Zoetermeer. It’s so ugly that it’s beautiful! Los Angeles is another place that’s very special to me.

FAULT: Favorite food?
San Holo: Vegeterian Pad Thai when I’m in the States and a Dutch dish called ‘broodje kaassouflé’ when I’m back home.

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