Warner Case

warner case is a fairly new project of New York City based producer who specializes in scintillating electro-dance sounds. His new single “comoverto” starts with an alluring whisper and sinister synths, all anchored by a powerful groove. The track comes with an equally captivating music video directed by Losmose and inspired by film noir classics.

“The idea was to create a visual world and narrative full of intrigue, mysteries and sexual tension, inspired by American film noir such as Robert Aldrich’s “Kiss me Deadly”. It is an underworld of darkness and fantasy that the character played by warner case enters and seems to be transformed by the end of the video.” – Losmose (video director)

We asked warner case to put together some of his must listen to current tunes that inspire him and his music. Take a listen below.

Tatum Rush – Mini Girls

i just featured this one in my weekly podcast, #mondaymoves with warner case, because it’s way too infectious. It’s sexy, energetic, plucky, vibey… all at the same time. also the artist is bizarre, which makes it even better.

Youngr x Endor

youngr’s a buddy of mine (he even played guitar on my record “thereforeyou”), so I felt pretty guilty when this came up in my discover weekly and i’d never heard it… this is a favorite of mine to spin because it’s got great, happy energy and can be appreciated by all types of crowds. the piano lead at the drop (I hate that word…) is bluesy and refreshing, while also harkening back to 90s moby / fatboy slim.

Phillipi & Rodrigo – Gueto de Gent

another discover weekly find, this one’s got a really laidback feel that grows and evolves throughout. i think it’s in portuguese? whatever language it is, it sounds hilarious to me, which is probably what english sounds like to other people. so i dig that, too.

Cautious Clay – Cold War (Nick AM Remix)

nick’s my boy, and he’s a damn fine producer. kinda annoys me how good he is, because it just makes me feel like my music’s shitty in comparison. but props to him cuz he doesn’t seem to let up — track after track is fire. shoutout to nick for always taking the time to listen to my music and being honest if it’s shitty or not <3.

Against All Logic – Now You Got Me Hooked

i thought this was romare when i first heard it, but then i thought it was nightmares on wax. then i thought it was oddisee before he started rapping, then i realized i was wrong the whole time. it’s against all logic ;)

Georgie Kieffer – Red Line

this guy’s nuts and I love it. heard this a while back and somehow forgot about it, but then (no joke) i heard it blaring from behind a door in the basement of my apartment building… from an apartment i guess i never knew existed… in the basement where there aren’t any windows… and some dude was singing along at the top of his lungs. it was the perfect place to rediscover this jam.

Dombresky – Overtime

this reminds me of 2010 sweaty blog haus house parties and drugs. the chopped synth chords, the random 1-bar breaks where it sounds like the keys player had a mini-seizure. reminisce with some pbr.

Full Crate & Papa Ghana — L’Afrique

if you don’t speak french and don’t read the title, you might think they’re saying “la freak”, which is sexy. also the groove is almost like if crookers’ remix of “let me back up” studied abroad in ghana.

Antony & Cleopatra – Twitch

drop this when the room’s energy is high and the crowd loves you — they’ve likely never heard it, and it hits so hard-yet-clean-yet-minimal… so they’ll love you even more. It’s got a playfulness that wonderfully contrasts the relative intensity of the groove, and a synth line that brings you back to 90s in the best way.

Crazy P – Witch Doctor

think “abba meets chic meets tensnake, who all have a threesome baby.” this is that baby.

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