Aaron Taos

NYC indie pop upstart and dreamboat Aaron Toas continues the stride towards the release of his upcoming EP “Night Thoughts” with an irresistible new number ” Voodoo.” As the track title suggests, it’s supernaturally captivating.

We asked Aaron to put together a playlist of current songs he’s jamming to. Take a listen below!

Octavian – Party Here
This track is just a banger. I swear to god I’ve listened to it like 100 times. It’s such a minimal beat which gives his voice a lot of room to play. When it switches tempo like halfway through is gold.

King Princess – 1950
Lil KP is my homie. I met her a couple years ago at an ASCAP writing thing and knew immediately she was special. Her voice is just so distinct. I’m so happy for her that Mark Ronson signed her as the first artist on his new label – she’s gonnna be huuuuuge!

Bahamas – Bad Boys Need Love To
I’m a pretty big Bahamas fan – and I feel like some of the music I’m making is in his lane: sorta indie roots with some hip/hop influences. The hook on this one is just so simple to the point, but so catchy. The way Felicity sings it too is just so sexy.

Topaz Jones – ZOOM
Topaz is a friend of mine and lives near by in Brooklyn. He’s so talented. He hadn’t put much out in 2017, so I was really stoked when this thing came through in early 2018. He does a great job of mixing his funk influences with current hip/hop stuff. This one is just a JAM.

Still Woozy – Goodie Bag
This song is such a vibe. Perfect blend of this bedroom pop movement mixed with some serious funk/pop instrumentation and vocals. Honestly though it just feels good. Love the Wah Bass and how the production switches up so frequently. Shoutout to my homie Connor who put me on to this.

Drake – Diplomatic Immunity
Drake is my favorite artist of the last couple years. Everything he puts out is quality – he makes it look so easy. I love God’s Plan of course, but this track is Drake at his best. He’s got real gems in this verse.

Sheck Wes – Mo Bamba
Man, this song grew on me. I can’t get it out of my head. The repetition is key here, just a turn up modern classic.

Lancey – Foux
My friend Cam put me on to Lancey. He’s a new dude out of London. Fucking fire. This song has the catchiness of a Playboi Carti track beat, but his vocals are what stand out to me. The British accent will always get me.

Albert Hammond Jr. – Muted Beatings
I’m a HARDCORE Strokes fan – the Arctic Monkeys and them will always be my favorite. I was really impressed by this whole album by Albert. It’s got the real straightforward guitar strumming that I love out of the Strokes, but with his own spin

Japanese Breakfast – Road Head
I’m a little late to the game on Japanese Breakfast, but man, I’ve listened to this song so many times. The mix of the downtempo nature of the track with her somewhat jarring first couple lyrics really drew me in… and kept me coming back for more.