Nothing’s changed

For her: dress and shoes: Mila Schon Earrings Madame Paane
For him: Jacket and pants: Isabel Benenato


For her: Body versus Mini bag: Ies Petits jouers Belt Sergio gavezzeni
For him Total look: Versus Versace


For her: jacket: march rambaldi, Bra and earrings: rada ,Pants cestIaV
For him: Jacket: Andrea Pompilio, Shirt: Versace, Pants: Levis


For her Dress: Lou De Bètoly Ring: Rada
For him: Shirt: Les Homme


For her: Jacket and pants: Armando serving Shirt and gloves: Cristiano burani
For him: Jacket and shirt Legos Pants Andrea Pompilio


For her: Dress: Alessia Giaoobino Earrings: Madame Pauhne
For him: Total look: Angelos Frentzos


For her: Top and skirt: redemption Earrings rada Bracelet Rosa Antioa
For him: Jacket: Antonio Marras


For her: dress:Antonio marras Earrings: Mila Sohon
For him: Total look: Antonio Marrass


Collier: Gerlando Dispenza Jacket: Alessia Giacobino Belt: Stefano De Iellis


Jacket: model’s own

Photographer: Alberto Raviglione
Stylist: Enrica Lamonaca @freelancer
Make Up: Chiara Cima @aldocoppolaagency
Hair Styling: Mimmo Di Maggio @freelancer
Stylist Assistant: Martina Repetto

Model: Mats @ILove
Model: Aleksandra @Fashion