Hello Fresh – Say Hello To Your New Healthy Lifestyle

If you’re struggling with your new year’s resolutions to maintain a healthy eating diet, then Hello Fresh might just be the answer to all of your problems. The food delivery service is ranked as the best in the UK and our team can now testify in its favour!


We’ve tested out the Hello Fresh boxes for 3 weeks straight and the only downside is that they’re genuinely addictive. We’ve opted for 3 types of boxes – The Rapid Box, The Veggie Box, and the Classic Box. Each box contained 3 recipes and all the ingredients for them for the entire week to feed 2 people. Delivered straight to your door, they’re heavenly for busy professionals.


Here’s our play by play for each regime:

The Rapid Box – 20-minute recipes for the busy bee


This one was my favourite by far. First of all, there were recipes in there that I had literally no idea they were so easy to make at home. Everything was laid out in front of me, the prep time was minimal and the end result way utterly satisfactory. I can’t put into words how much this has influenced my overall eating habits and how much I’m going to stick to the plan.


Thai Green Chicken Curry


Who doesn’t love a curry? Come on, let’s be real now. Cooking time 20 minutes too. It would be audacious not to have a watery mouth just by typing that. The Thai Garnish and coconut milk are the actual troopers and superstars of this recipe. It’s not fresh and it’s not a guilty pleasure either. You can basically feel the healthy vibes come out of the pores of your skin. It’s an exhilarating excursion for your taste buds. It would be classified as cruel not to at least give it a go.


Mexican Spiced Halloumi


Another tricky cooking venture for the enthusiast here. I’ve never had halloumi at home because I knew for a fact that I’d butcher it into an unrecognizable type of cheese. Not with these instructions though! I’ve managed to successfully create my own spiced halloumi with a side of quinoa (which I adore) and black beans. My advice would be not to add any type of salt to this recipe, as it’s already quite flavoury and tasty from the ingredients that it comes with. Do however serve it with the side of rocket – it’s giving it that fresh tasty boost that all dishes should have.


Creamy Prawn Spaghetti


Probably my all-time favourite because of the cooking time and the endless savory result. I’ve taken this one out for a dinner party as well and although the ingredients were for 2 people, I can safely say that I’ve fed 3 of my friends and none of them left the house starving! So bonus points for the pasta and prawn combo – killer!






The Veggie Box – Heaven for Vegetarians.


Quickdraw Quesadillas


This one was a toughie – merely because the cooking time for vegetables apparently is longer than meat. But the end result is awe-inducing. My first home-make vegetarian quesadillas were absolutely incredible and for once I managed to throw a dinner party and not have people leave with food poisoning. It’s been a gift. They should call that one ‘The Gift Recipe for too undertalented chefs’



Fragrant Aubergine Curry


This flavoury curry has its base in the aubergine. Partnered up with coconut rice and a lot of chickpeas, it’s heaven for the passionate vegetarian. The flavours come from the multitude of fresh ingredients that go along with it. I’d say that this recipe is definitely one for the weekend – the cooking time took me a little more than it was listed on the recipe box – approximately 55 minutes, given that I’ve decided to add a little extra vegetable stock to the curry in order to give it more flavor.


Frech Style Lentils


Mais oui – je voudrais more! Quite likely one of my favourite recipes to date, it’s the crème Fraiche and tarragon that ultimately pushed this one to the top of my list. It’s very fresh, in spite of the lentils (which can be quite heavy sometimes) and it’s also a fantastic addition to your meal plan. Having a week of vegetarian experiences definitely has switched my diet and I’ll give myself some extra bonus points for actually managing to stick to it.


The Classic Box


Sicilian Caponata


Oh such flavours, such delights! This recipe was very light, it’s one that I’m going to save for spring days when it’s not quite warm yet. Very balanced in terms of ingredients (aubergines, red pepper, pine nuts) and also comes with treaty cheesy garlic bread that you can make yourself at home.



Pan Fried Pork Loin

I was definitely thrown out of my comfort zone when it came to the recipes for this box. Firstly, I’m only used to cooking chicken or seafood and when I got the pork recipe I was utterly horrified. How am I supposed to cook this??? I kept asking myself. Very. Easily. Actually. You just throw it in the pan, 2 mins on each side until its no longer pink on the inside and that’s that. It was just that simple. Furthermore, it was also my favourite recipe to make – I’m definitely going to reinvent it time and time again.



Creamy Prawn Spaghetti


Probably my all time favourite because of the cooking time and the endless savoury result. I’ve taken this one out for a dinner party as well and although the ingredients were for 2 people, I can safely say that I’ve fed 3 of my friends and none of them left the house starving! So bonus points for the pasta and prawn combo – killer!


King Prawn Spaghetti


This was a tough one because it battles with the Creamy Prawn Spaghetti. I’m having troubles picking in between the two mainly because they were both absolutely spectacular. Not to mention super easy for someone who barely knows how to cut bread properly. I’ll leave you with this though – try them both and choose for yourself!



As an overall statement – I’d say that Hello Fresh knocks it out of the park. It’s very easy to get addicted to their services. Today was a sorrow day when I did not receive a fresh box and I’ve gone straight and signed up for another month of heavenly meals. They’re super quick to make, super easy and apart from that – they save you time and hassle. The recipes are explained so thoroughly by the perfectly designed plans that it’s quite difficult not to manage them properly. Alas – I am not a cooking expert, yet I haven’t set my kitchen on fire. Goes to show, doesn’t it? Try it out for yourself – your tummy will thank you for it!


HelloFresh delivers ‘cook from scratch’ meal plans straight to your door, with easy-to-follow-recipe cards and high quality, pre-portioned fresh ingredients. By taking the usual hassle out of food shopping and meal planning, HelloFresh helps you to save time and spend it with your loved ones. It also helps you to live healthy, master your cooking skills and reduce food waste.