ME ME ME: Spending your Saturday Night at Home


Easy nights in don’t have to mean cosying up in front of the television with a pot noodle and a pair of slippers. It could be a chance to give yourself a bit of time out from the world. Studies show that many of us a are choosing a night in over clubbing with pals; perhaps because partying every weekend could meant that you miss out on the vital chance to catch up on your favourite Netflix documentary. You could give yourself an evening to enjoy all the things you usually miss on a Saturday night when you’re out at the club. You’re likely to wake up on Sunday morning with a fresh head and feeling good for Monday, and your wallet will probably thank you for it. Here are our tips for a refreshing weekend for one:

Reconnect with Food

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When you’re working or spending evenings with friends, you’re likely to be eating on the go. In fact, it has become so common to eat convenience food, that many of us don’t eat at home anymore. Give yourself the chance to cook your favourite food, maybe call your mum and get that recipe you’ve been meaning to ask for. If cooking doesn’t sound like your ideal, relaxing Saturday night in, sites such as Deliveroo make it really easy to order fresh food from restaurants, and you could have your favourite Dim Sum or the hottest curry delivered to your door in minutes.

Pamper Yourself

When was the last time you took a bath? You probably took a shower this morning, but when was the last time you turned the bath taps and watched a bath bomb fizz away in the tub? Light some candles, pick your favourite bubbles, and let yourself soak for half an hour. Phones and water aren’t really best friends, and an insurance claim isn’t going to make for a chilled evening, so ditch the tech for a book or a magazine, and just let yourself disconnect for a while.

Switch off the Social Media and Put on Your Favourite Film

So you’ve ordered your favourite food, you’ve taken a long bath, now it’s time to turn to technology. However, if you take an evening off from social media, you will find that your phone cravings start to subside. If you’re having trouble, try focussing on something such as your favourite film, or perhaps a classic that you’ve been meaning to watch for a while. Try something warming and easy, and perhaps curl up with a tub of ice cream and a warm brownie whilst you’re there…

Stay off the Sauce

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This one might be difficult, because you probably found yourself reaching for a glass of wine when you went to get in the bath. However, one Saturday night off the booze isn’t going to hurt, and you’ll feel better for it tomorrow. Treat yourself to a mocktail of fruit juices instead, or perhaps some water infused with juices. If you’re that way inclined, you could even fix yourself a hot chocolate with marshmallows, chocolate sauce and sprinkles. See how creative you can be when booze is out of the equation?

Whatever you choose to do with your Saturday night in, make sure that you’re being totally selfish. Perhaps you won’t do it again for a while, so just make sure you treat yourself, and when you wake up on Sunday, you’ll feel radiant and fresh.