Isaac Gracie live @ The Deaf Institute Manchester

Isaac Gracie live @ The Deaf Institute, Manchester, 31/01/18

Isaac Grace shot by Aurelie Lagoutte
Photography: Aurelie Lagoutte


In the cosy, papered walls of Manchester’s Deaf Institute, a mixed crowd has gathered to see up-and-coming Londoner Isaac Gracie live. Couples and groups of friends of all ages have trudged through the rainy evening to see the early twenty-something who has found himself all over the airwaves. If you think you haven’t heard of him, think again. Listen to one of his hauntingly beautiful songs ‘The Death of You and I’ or ‘Terrified’ and you will probably know the words.

The intimate venue was a perfect setting for the cool and understated artist. In a tight floral shirt with more buttons undone than fastened, a wooden crucifix necklace on the bare skin that is revealed, black skinny jeans and shoulder length locks, Gracie cuts a celestial silhouette. Poking fun at his own outfit, voice and general demeanour throughout the night, Gracie’s bashfulness and self depreciation falls away as soon as he begins to sing. Chatting idly between songs, he disarms the audience with his chilled attitude before building momentum with each tune and leaving them agape.

Isaac Gracie shot by Aurelie Lagoutte

One for fans of James Bay and Hozier, Isaac Gracie pulls off a dramatic performance with all the confidence of a seasoned artist. Impressive, as he is yet to release his debut album. Not keeping the hits until his encore, Gracie performs the roaring ‘Death of You and I’ early in the set and nails the juxtaposing raucous chorus and mellow verses. Standout songs are the chilling ‘Reverie’ and sad sing-a-long ‘Terrified.’ If this show is anything to go by, Gracie’s upcoming album (set to be released in spring) and UK tour aren’t to be missed.

Words: Alex Bee